Maybe In A Walternate Dimension


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    COMMENTERS: What other “fringe science bonding experiences” could I share with Grandpa Walter? Any other mad scientists that would make great grandpas or creepy uncles?

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    1. I had a moment of clarity. Think of Walter being the granpa in Princess Bride.
      "And the six fingered man is an excellent example of polydactyl and the giant is obviously using some sort of growth hormone injections. Lets dissect his pituitary and find out!"

    2. Excellent! Like everything about this, particularly Josh's "concern" that Joel is dying when he can't come up with a decent taunt. And "cheeks are like zip lock bags full of lotion" is great.

      BTW in panel 2, I think it should be "bury"…

    3. He could set himself on fire while trying to burn you alive on a pyre, then run an impossible distance before hurling himself off the edge of the courtyard and into the city below.

    4. What about having Dr. Wily from Mega Man as a grandpa? Sure he's the bad guy in the series, but he's always making new crazy robots. Need to cut the grass? Grandpa Wily will make Mowerman for you. Need to clean your room? Organizeman to the rescue! The only downside: Dr. Light made Roll, so if you're lonely you're still on your own

    5. If I had a Grandpa Walter, I would rest easy knowing that if any of my organs started failing, he'd be there with a lollipop and the harvested organs of my dimensional doppelganger. Best Grandpa ever.

    6. I'm old enough to go back to a childhood in the early days of TV animation where there were a multitude of Mad Scientist characters, not all of them evil, but the one who I (at the time) wanted as a Grandfather was Astroboy's Professor Ochanomizu (badly translated to English as Dr. Elefun in reference to his epic nose).

      But whenever I was upset with my real parents, I'd want to be adopted by Mr. Peabody and his Wayback Machine (buzz off, Sherman).

      Today, my image of a 'creepy uncle' Mad Scientist would have to be Dr. Clayton Forrester of MST3K, because if I'm going to be abused, I'd rather it be in a movie theater with robots beside me, y'know?

    7. The look on Joel's face in panel 2 is fucking priceless. The wacked out expressions are a major part of why I love this comic so much.

    8. I'm going with Dumbledore on this one. I know he's not technically a scientist, but since magic is the science of the Harry Potter world, he's kind of like the greatest "scientist" to ever live. Right. RIGHT?! He can still be my grandpa!
      Or maybe John Hammond from Jurassic Park (the movie not the book. Yeah. There was a book. Who knew?). That guy is filthy rich. There's no way he doesn't have a roller coaster in his house.

      Also, totally unrelated sidenote: I bought my tickets for Emerald City Comic Con today! See you in a couple weeks, Joel!…or like a week and a half. Hurray!

    9. The title of this comic reminds me of Ozma's song "Maybe in an Alternate Dimension," a rock song of devotion that references both "Zack, the Lego maniac" and "Link, the Zelda warrior." They're depressingly underappreciated.

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