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Due to overwhelming demand, the Team Edward shirt from this comic is now in the HE Store.

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Fancy Bastards with Vault access got to see this comic early and read the original script which contains a deleted first panel. There’s also desktops, iPhone wallpapers, behind the scenes art, unfinished comics and bonus HE Podcasts.

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Many of you who follow me on Twitter know that we had a family medical emergency with our daughter on Monday and we spent most of the evening in the ER. Everyone is fine now, and I want to thank you all for the outpouring of well wishes and kind words. It really helped me through one of the worst nights of my life.
So… yeah, I don’t think I need to really go into detail about my opinions on

Twilight: New Moon: I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel. Just enjoy the comic for what it’s worth and let us think of more pleasant things. Of vampires that don’t sparkle and do have fangs.

You might want to check on Friday around 12am… I’m not saying, but I’m just sayin’. Man it smells like savings in here.

All but 19 UFE’s are sketched and shipped. The rest will leave this week. Thank you so much for your patience. I am trying to make sure the sketches are extra special to make up for the lateness.

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  1. Dude, as a major horror fan, I feel your pain about the TWILIGHT series taking "vampire" to mean less "horrible animated corpse that rips you open and drinks your fluids to keep from rotting" and more "Weezer with eternal life and marginally less eyeliner", but as a guy of the same persuasion as Josh, I can't help but be dazzled by Robert Pattinson. I do, however, like to think I'm fighting back against Mormon Meyer by being on Team Edward x Jacob…

  2. Twilight's not bad…for a crappy B-movie I saw a rough cam copy of while under the influence.

    Seriously. Get Twilight. Get your friends. Get a projector. Get alcohol. LOTS of alcohol. The laughs will follow.

      • The Rifftrax of Twilight had us crying. Best thing I have seen in a long time. Movie is complete shit though, even with my loose standards as to what constitutes "good"

    • I tried that without the Rifftrax and three people in the group had to resort to drinking themselves to death, and a fourth realized too soon that the others drank the remaining alcohol to escape so he broke open a bottle of Cutty Sark and stabbed himself in the retinas

  3. THAT SHIRT MADE MY MORNING! Hell yes for Team EJO! (All this Team This and Team That-business annoys me to no end. As does rest of Twatlight.)


  4. Joel's expressions and the fact that he's the only one with dialog make this comic. For that and for making a Twilight comic without actually being about Twilight, you earn my emphatic praise.

    Brilliant, Joel! Simply brilliant!

    PS: I am so glad your family (almost typed it as "familia." LOL) is doing well. The medical drama I read about earlier this evening (I missed Monday's tweets) had me very concerned.

    Take care!

      • You don't have to. Go to The Escapist and watch MovieBob's Escape to the Movies review and get ready to laugh. Interestingly, it's his 1st video that gets bleeped in cartain parts (f-bombs).

      • You don't have to. Go to The Escapist and watch MovieBob's Escape to the Movies review and get ready to laugh. Interestingly, it's his 1st video that gets bleeped in cartain parts (f-bombs).

  5. One of the funniest comics you've done πŸ˜€

    Get these t-shirts made and when the next film comes about, get an army of FBs to turn up to the premiere in them. Maybe JEO could join us in that outfit. We can tell him it's for charity or something!

  6. you MUST sell that tshirt. (maybe it’s too late now, but I gather there will be infinitely more twilight movies, infinite possibilities)

  7. Now, I couldn't help but notice that it looks like the shirt changes. As though it is a regular Robert Pattinson shirt (or maybe something else, a private joke), and then switches out for the last panel. If it is in fact a private joke, I hope it's Eddie Munster.

  8. Saweet! Having not read a word, or seen a frame of Twilight (why would I do that to myself?) I already dislike it intensely. I think if I actually forced myself to watch/read it I would hate it. From what I hear from people who put themselves through the torture (of both books and film) it's a bunch of *really* bad writing, abusive relationships and blank faced emo teens with no frakking sense. The whole 'sparkly' thing just gives me a good excuse to avoid it when rabid fans (like my frakking 40 yr old cousin and his wife!!!) keep on at me to see/read it. "They love the soundtrack…it's so compelling"…/vomit/

    Angel may have been an emo, narcissistic (in his own series) douche sometimes, but he kicked ass, and when he treated Buffy like crap, she gave him all kinds of hell for it.

    Also, LOVE your face in the final panel. Quality.

    • hahaha i love the "all kinds of hell".. i'm hoping you meant that double meaning there. god i love buffy!

      consider yourself lucky for never inflicting the twilight torture upon yourself. i was forced to watch a whole hour of that poor excuse for entertainment while my misguided friend tried desperately to convince me the crap i was watching was actually good but as soon as i saw that "vampire" sparkle it was all over. people may try to say that buffy was a crappy show and that vampires in love are lame but at least the vampires in buffy burn to a crisp in the sun and are soulless (with the exception of angel and spike in later seasons.. but even they have their true vampire moments) bloodsucking demons.. as they should be.

  9. Extra funny: Eli really does have some kind of strange devotion to Edward James Olmos. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why he doesn't already have this shirt in real life.

  10. Since selling that shirt would undoubtedly incur some brand/copyright infringement upon Joel, I recommend a FB contest for everyone to make their own Team Edward shirts and sport them, take a photo, and send them in… because I'm DEFINITELY going to be making one for myself now, lol….

  11. This is bloody genius! I'm sure EJO would find this hilarious and he doesn't seem like the suing type, does he? (although his "people" probably are) I believe it would be okay as long as the EJO image was something you drew and not copied from an image (see: Fairey's Obama image and why he got in trouble in the end).

    Meanwhile, I'm featuring this comic over on theNerdPatrol! So good πŸ™‚

  12. Huzzah, another triumph! I have noticed a sharper look to the art in today's strip, or maybe the borders on the characters are just shrinking, but the look on your face in panels 2 & 3 are priceless! You almost sounded like Dr. Orpheus from the Venture Brothers. I also think this Twilight crap is going to far. Let's hope Meyer doesn't write any more!
    Best of luck to your daughter, and we're all wishing for a speedy recovery, Joel.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. FYI, I wore this shirt today when I met EJO at Shore Leave in Baltimore. He has seen it before, but hadn't seen the comic, so I gave him a link. He LOVES the shirt.

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