How Many Lights Do You See?

“Chain Of Command Pt. 2” is such a wonderful hour of television. Patrick Stewart just DESTROYS your preconceived notions about cheesy acting in Star Trek or in science fiction in general. He Shakespeares THE SHIT out of that final torture scene. Picard is a man physically and mentally broken, but his will triumphs in the face of unbearable pain and almost total, partial nudity. Cardassians, man. Fucking Cardassians.

If you missed the first FANEURYSM comic, it is HERE. If you missed what FANEURYSM is all about, read this excerpt from the previous blog post:

I’ve decided to start making a new, supplemental comic, in the vein of the old LoFi-Jinks comics, which will serve as the comic that “comic Joel” actually makes in the HEniverse. […] I’m starting off with a few comics about Star Trek: TNG to serve as the basis for the conversation in THIS HE comic.

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PATREON Patrons got to see this comic as soon as it was done, and before it went live on the website. Neat!


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      • The correction you made is now an accidental funny. You left one of the "Romulans"…which gives the effect of making "Romulans, man." sound like a generic exhortation, in the vein of:

        "Romulans, man. Another twelve hours of overtime this week? They gotta rein this in."

    • I'm sure Joel knew that, even if he forgot that "the bloody Cardies" (O'Brien! DS9!) were the perpetrators in that episode.

    • The Measure of a Man is Picard saying "you guys have given me a monologue and I am going to monologue the HELL out of this stage!"

  1. In Joel's defense, historically speaking, it *is* always the damn Romulans.

    We'll probably learn that the entire Cardassian race was just a genetic engineering project of the Tal Shiar to pressure the Bajorans or something…

  2. As has been mentioned, it was the Cardassians, not the Romulans.

    But since no one else has mentioned it in this thread so far, seriously, how awesome was Ronny Cox in this episode?! And how come TPTB never brought Jellico back during the Dominion War?!

    I consider it a wasted opportunity.

  3. OK, Joel. I'm gonna sue you for scalded sinusus now. Put up a frikkin warning label about hot liquids and heavy machinery or something, would you?

    Also, will this be part of the regular HE RSS, or a separate feed?

  4. Joel, you are my television oracle, and I love it! I've only ever watched TNG randomly in syndication, but about a month ago I decided to marathon the whole series and it was a GREAT idea! Now I actually get these jokes, and my world is enriched immeasurably! Keep it up!

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