Expanding Our Culinary Horizons (Guest Comic by Tindómiel Muinamir)

Denise is actually quite the cook. I’ve always been OMNOMingly impressed with her culinary concoctions in the past. Though her people do have a nagging tendency to eat bile, and blood and unborn baby ducks and occasionally send a species to extinction for the sake of a good sammich. Though it might be beyond even her iron pallet to take on a hybrid Bacon Explosion/Great Old One. Maybe if it had more bile. Mmmmm… biley.

A gigantic FB thank you to Tindómiel for another fantastically fancy guest comic. Based on this and her last one, I now have a working theory that she has a thing for drawing tentacles and tongues.

Friday I leave for New England Webcomics Weekend, but I am working on having a new HE comic complete before I leave. I realized that I couldn’t let the BSG series finale go by without a proper HE send off. Who knows if I’ll actually see it on Friday or if I’ll have to wait until I get home. There is some Twitter talk of a showing after the Friday Night Pub Crawl.

Speaking of, If you want to communicate or keep up with what I’m doing while I’m away at NEWW, you should probably follow me on Twitter.

I won’t be back in Dallas until Monday, so I really don’t know if there will be a Monday comic or not. I am hoping to find some time to whip one out either at the Hotel or at the show, but I have no idea how much down time I’ll have. Maybe I’ll so a “con-sketchbook” style comic like Penny Arcade does.

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  1. I think the Great Old One would probably taste delicious as he fucked up your intestines for his own amusement before ripping his way out of your body through any means possible.

    And bacon is always a plus.

    I already worship you, I mean, follow you on Twitter.

    • Someone totally needs to write "The Endangered Species Cookbook."
      Some possibilities
      Baked Eagle in plum sauce,
      Baby seal burgers,
      Blue whale sushi ….oh wait the Japanese already did that one….
      oh how about bacon wrapped whale blubbler!

  2. Really nice comic! Love Denise's every-encounter-with-the-boys-is-a-source-of-annoyance expression in panel 2. Drawing, dialogue, Zalgo—all win.

  3. I'm not sure, when I first loaded the page they were formatted as all text, and when I posted it gave me the "Get an avatar" button instead of the login one, so I just commented as "Dram" and put in my email. The second time I loaded it it had filled in that ancient icon of mine, and the third time I loaded it the ancient icon of mine was loaded and everything else was back to normal. Seems fine now, I dunno what happened.

  4. I couldn't help it; I had to Google what Pinapaitan was. Now my mouth is watering. Not in the savory "zOMG that sounds like NOMs" kinda way, but in the way that it does right before having to make a gookie.

  5. The bacon works to suppress his full power, making him safe to eat. Also I would try Denise's food, I mean how many time are you going to have the chance to eat an endangered species?

  6. My wife discovered the bacon explosion a couple of weeks ago, so I showed it to a friend who's a frequent barbeque-er (barbequeier?). His response was a thing of beauty; stunned silence, a slight twitch, then "That looks disgusting. E-mail me that link. I'm making it this weekend." It hasn't happened yet, but I'm afraid for my very soul. And colon.

  7. Tindómiel, I adore you. You have combined my love for arcane horror and the delicious, albeit dangerous treat that is bacon.

  8. My wife is from the Phillipines, and while I have eaten a number of interesting things over the years (including the above mentioned blood and unborn baby ducks), this is a new one on me. Perhaps I should ask her mother if she knows how to make it? I'm certainly intrigued.

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