Behold The Abomination

The little genetically engineered worm guy’s name is Styli. Styli the Meat Tube. Or Meatube if you prefer. Either way. He prays nightly to a god that isn’t there to snuff out his wretched, tubey, meatish existence.

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After playing with a Pogo Sketch stylus and an iPad at the Apple Store I asked my self this very question. “How do it work?” I still don’t have any idea, but one can only assume the maddest of sciences are involved.


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  1. Well, I'm pretty sure the touchscreens work based on conductivity. The tip of this stylus is probably made of some conductor, instead of the typical insulating plastic.

      • Sooooo…it could be a conductor made of a pound of flesh (rounded down) from Apple's competitor's and the tears of Bill Gates? Techformed into a conductor, powered by the love of Apple fanpeeps?

  2. This is horrifying. I was just about to buy a Pogo Sketch, but now I might reconsider because this image will haunt my dreams.

    Seriously, though, I'm curious as to how well these work. I've heard mixed reviews. Do you like it? Is it worth buying? Is it effective enough to draw with?

    • Its a little too short, and the end is "nubby" like an eraser but with a felty feel. It was designed to hit keys on a phone so that makes sense. Its a little awkward for drawing but probably better than a finger. Also its essentially the only one available for now.

  3. Very disturbing, even for a comic. I don't know if it was intentional, but it reminded me of the original "The Fly" finale.

  4. Used one of these on my Palm Pre. I'm sure part of it is the Palm Pre's lack of black-turtleneckness, but I thought it just sucked for anything but hitting big retard-buttons, sentient meat-tube or no.

  5. That is disturbing on at least three levels.

    1) Micropenile STDs
    2) Flesh straw
    3) Sentient Slim Jim

    I'm sure there are more. But I must go now.

    • Toon check (that I should do myself on Teh Googlez): What was the name of the cartoon (in the 90's?) that was based on a video game about a sentient worm astronaut…Jim something or other?
      That's kinda what the meat tubule Joel drew reminded me of…that or something Cthulhu-esque.

  6. It’s like the Apple version of the bonsai kitty… But no cats… Just the rejected host bodies of his Mac-ness… Ok and maybe a few cats too @ UKFB It’s Earth worm Jim

  7. l-o-l, sir… L-O-L. One of your best. Even though I think the I-pad is pointless, if this was true i would by one. Also you could turn this into a shirt, with the Abomination coming out of the Apple logo and saying "KILLLL MEEEEEE!"

    • I have to agree. I've looked at this thing three or four times, and it gives me the willies. Well done Joel, now I can't eat hot dogs just as baseball season is upon us.

  8. Is that tiny meat-tube man the one who's been taking a bite out of the Macintosh logo all these years?

    (On a sidenote, totally un-PC and all, I picture Josh doing really gay stuff to that poor poor meat-tube man. Like, reaaally gay stuff.)

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