Baltimore Comic-Con 2011!!!

Why am I wearing kevlar body armor and a making sure my life insurance policy is up to date? That’s right! I’m going to Baltimore this weekend!

Joel Watson of HijiNKS ENSUE at Baltimore Comicon 2011

Baltimore Comic-Con is the first show I ever exhibited at (2009), and for some reason has been the annual gathering spot for some of my most supportive readers. It’s a very low key show, focused almost entirely on comics. There is little to no media (TV, Movies, general entertainment industry) presence there which makes for a show that is easy to navigate and pretty stress free. I will be in the Artist Alley right next to Dannielle Corsetto at Table #A187 or so. I will have books 1 and 2, “The Doctor Is In” shirts, “Team Edward [James Olmos]” shirts and “Ewok Stare” shirts, plus prints, stickers and Fancy Sketches.

We have had a really fantastic Fancy Bastard meetup each year. This year FB Adam M. is taking it upon himself to plan the festivities. We are going to have a food, drinks, movie, party-type situation at his parents’ house (since they are locals and are totally the kind of cool parents that will buy us beer and let us stay up real late) and if you are interested in attending you can find the details HERE on G+ or talk to Adam directly on G+ or Twitter. Hope to see you at the show and the meetup!

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  1. Jon and I will bring some of our shitty movie collection for perusal, plus if anyone is interested there will be a live stream of The X-Files: The Musical that night (live from The Colonel Mustard, in Nebraska), that maybe we could watch if I'm not the only person who wants to see it. Brought to you by the same people behind Jurassic Park: The Musical!

  2. god DAMMIT I wish I could make it this year. The past two years have been loads of fun seeing you, harassing Danielle, and hanging out with Fancy Bastards. Unfortunately, this year I am just to damn broke to make an interstate trip. DAMN!

  3. I've been to Baltimore a few times and have yet to murdered. No one even attempted to murder me, as far as I know. Disappointing. David Simon hasn't exactly painted the city in the best light, has he? I mean, c'mon, it's not Camden. *shudder*

    • Well, just let us know what you'll be wearing and just which neighborhood you'll be in when, and we'll see if we can accomodate you!

      But, really … if you're coming down for ComicCon, stay 'round the harbor and you'll be fine. More cops per block there than anyplace else around, usually. Just don't stray west of the MLK and you'll probably be alright.

  4. Ugh. Inner Harbor's so touristy. I can get that crap here in NY. I liked Fell's Point, though. Sometime I have to explore the greater Baltimore environs more thoroughly. The first time I visited first we checked out places where they shot Homicide, then went to the National Aquarium. Subsequent visits were pretty much all aquarium. I've actually considered moving to the area just to be closer to the aquarium, I love it so much. (And though I dissed Camden earlier, they have a really nice aquarium too.)

    I urge anybody not from the area who's going to the convention to schedule some time to visit the National Aquarium. And, in case you're doubtful, it's not just fish. They have other crazy critters to stare at, too. The rainforest is really cool. Well, actually it's quite warm and very humid, but exotic birds fly right past your head. You could get pooped on! By a bird that's not a pigeon or seagull!

    Wow, I think I may have just doubled the lifetime number times I've typed the word aquarium. Aquarium aquarium aquarium. Giving that Q key a workout.

    • Touristy, yeah. But safer, at least. If you're paranoid about being stabbed/shot/robbed (and I've been living in Baltimore all my life and have not been so much as robbed ONCE, much less stabbed/shot/murdered), the touristy places tend to be touristy for that reason … the perception of safety.

  5. Also, since you're in town … the Saint Anthony's festival is this weekend, just a few blocks away in Little Italy. Lots of good eats, cheap! That, and you can toss bocce with some old folks. All said, not a bad place to get drunk, full and still walk out with a few bucks in your pocket.

  6. Goddamn – how'd you make that Wire typeface? I literally just got done tracing out the logo and trying to modify based on that since it doesn't seem to be a typeface that exists anywhere else. I don't blame you if you don't want to share trade secrets, but it would be nice to know. Either way, nice work.

  7. Was there an Ace Of Cakes episode where they made a chalk outline on the pavement cake with gummy brain bits and sugary shell casings for David Simon, or did I dream that? And crack vials filled with rock candy for party favors?

    Yeah, I probably made that up. But it should have happened, dammit.

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