Undefeatable is ready to claim it’s next victim

Updated 5-12-08

If you are one of these people:

The Participants:

  1. Aaron (seen it)
  2. dishliquid (have address, gave to Aaron on 5.12.08)
  3. Bill (need address)
  4. Flanked (have address)
  5. Dram (dramthevirgin@gmail.com) (have address)
  6. Jeff Baier (have address)
  7. Tyler (need address)
  8. LiteSpecter (have address)
  9. MoBurkhardt (need address)
  10. Eddie (need address)

Send your mailing address to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com. I’ll make sure the people on the list get each other’s addresses.

Aaron is done (and somehow he lives) and Bill is waiting until the end of May. That would make Dishliquid next.

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  1. I'll post something soon. A big all of my friends screening didn't work out for me so I've subjected myself to it on three separate occasions in the same weekend.

    It's mentally scarred me and now I have the urge to grow a jheri curled mullet and fight Asian men who date ginger women. Also I have the urge to build a robot suit out of materials lying around and hunt vampires.

  2. Oh and for the next of you who get Undefeatable, you also get Robo Vampire which Eli included, and I'm sending along a copy of The Guy With Secret Kung Fu. It's a dollar bin gem made of terrible that I want to share with the Fancy Bastards.

    It's also a gift for Eli to add to his shitty movie collection when they finally get back to him as a thanks for letting me experience these awful films.

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