Undefeatable is ready to claim it’s next victim

Updated 5-12-08

If you are one of these people:

The Participants:

  1. Aaron (seen it)
  2. dishliquid (have address, gave to Aaron on 5.12.08)
  3. Bill (need address)
  4. Flanked (have address)
  5. Dram (dramthevirgin@gmail.com) (have address)
  6. Jeff Baier (have address)
  7. Tyler (need address)
  8. LiteSpecter (have address)
  9. MoBurkhardt (need address)
  10. Eddie (need address)

Send your mailing address to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com. I’ll make sure the people on the list get each other’s addresses.

Aaron is done (and somehow he lives) and Bill is waiting until the end of May. That would make Dishliquid next.

“Undefeatable” VHS Shitty Movie Challenge!

The Idea:
Undefeatable” is one of the shittiest movie’s we’ve ever seen. We want to share the pain or watching it, and the joy of making fun of it with all the Fancy Bastards out there.


The Rules: 

  • We will send the first person on the list the VHS tape of “Undefeatable.”
  • You must watch the movie with at least 3 other people.
  • You must bring food and drinks to enjoy with the movie. Make a party of it.
  • You must MST3K the movie. Trust me that this will be the only real entertainment provided.
  • You must PROVE that you did this through pictures on Flickr (or another photo site) or Videos on YouTube. Post links on THIS thread to your picture or video exploits. If you review the movie or the experience on your blog, post a link to that too.
  • You must sign and date the library card inside the VHS Case
  • You must send the tape to the next Fancy Bastard on the list. I suggest using the VHS tape boxes for Priority mail that the USPS provides.
  • Feel Free to add anything you like to the package to make it more exciting for the next recipient.

I only need the address of the first person on the list. Everyone else will be responsible for contacting each other through the comments or via email to set up the next delivery of the tape. Please try and be timely and not keep the tape for more than a week (less if possible).

The Participants:

  1. Aaron
  2. Bill
  3. dishliquid
  4. Flanked
  5. Dram (dramthevirgin@gmail.com)
  6. Jeff Baier
  7. Tyler
  8. LiteSpecter
  9. MoBurkhardt
  10. Eddie

UPDATE 4-22-08:

OK, We have our first 10. I’ve already got Aaron’s address and we’ll be sending the video (and maybe some surprises) this week.