Trying something new

I noticed a lot of other comics are participating in this comic listing directories/voting sites. I never really thought of using them since I manage all my bookmarks using an RSS reader. Turns out a considerable number of people like their webcomics to be competitive and quantifiable.

So if you use any of these comic directories, feel free to vote for HE or add it to your favorites.

The Webcomic List

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  1. HE and Basic Instructions are my favorite web comics. Joel, you’re awesome. Don’t ever change. Have a good summer. KIT. TTYL.
    – Dean
    PS – We should play Gauntlet II over the summer.

    {I don’t know why this turned into a high school yearbook entry, but it seemed to make sense in my head. Sure, I could go back and edit it, but I won’t. That’s how I roll.} {I also roll by occasionally using squiggly brackets instead of parenthesis. Squiggles FTW.}

  2. @Dean
    You’re 2cool 2B 4gotten!
    Also I signed your crack.

    Stop being a whore-whore.
    (yikes…that was harsh. I feel bad now, but it had to be done.)

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