Some remix stragglers and the Dinosaur Comics blank

I wasn’t planning on keeping up with the remixes for a while since it was actually taking me about an hour to collect, optimize and post the entries. I really appreciate everyone that participated but I think it’s something more suited for a forum (which I may have someday).

Some super cool dudes submitted remixes for the last few comics and, like a douche, I never got around to posting them. Here they go:

2 OLPC remixes from Honest Ape


Doug Morris remix from Osoman

Google Android remix from Icarus

I showed this one to Eli and Josh and lunch one day and it broke them.

Also, to completely negate what I just said, here is the remix blank for the “Dinosaur Comics” comic. I have a feeling that some of you could do some entirely inappropriate stuff with this one. Send ’em to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.


Remixes for “When you can see the giraffe’s eyes, it’s already too late” (OLPC comic)

I didn’t get a lot of submissions for the OLPC comic remix but I think these two are the some of the best I’ve received so far. With no further delay:

“A Glitch in the Matrix” by Chris Fairfield

Thanks for twisting the wound on my recycled artwork. I love the dinosaur at the end. A reference to this, perhaps?

“My First Macbook” by Scott Reu

Here’s what’s so great about Scott’s entry. He has NO IDEA that when Josh sits down at your computer, he immediately starts changing your settings, key maps, bookmarks, audio drivers, FF plugins, etc. It’s fucking infuriating. Scott, did this come to you in a dream? Was Josh naked? Was I speaking backwards? GET OUT OF MY HEAD, SCOTT!!!!

Here’s the remix blank for “Robots are everywhere, and they eat old people’s medicine for fuel”

Send your entries to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.


Super bonus points if you can integrate Clay’s 10 times awesome Chainsaw-Hands Bear:


Remixes for “Tim Kring makes puppies commit adultery”

Here are the Webcomic Remixes for the Tim Kring Heroes comic.
There was no remix for Monday’s Apple themed comic.

“The Mirror Universe” – by Vendal T.


“Even Jesus Pirates” – by Ben C.


Joel’s sign in the last panel is priceless.

Good stuff Guys! Keep it coming.

BONUS for being cool!
Here’s a late entry for last week’s remix comic “Save Dollhouse.”

“Surely You Joust” – by John A.


Save Dollhouse!

All I’m saying is if we started collecting signatures on the petition now, it will save us time in the long run. How many of you want to wait until Fox actually cancels “Dollhouse” to start the “Save Dollhouse” campaign. We’ve learned our lesson so many times before. Let’s just be prepared. We need to go ahead and organize a few fan get-togethers, rallies, meetups, etc. We need to spread the word that Fox can’t cancel this new and original show without giving it a chance.

Yes, I understand that it hasn’t even begun production yet. That’s besides the point. If we had started campaigning for Firefly’s renewal before they had even cast all the parts, we might still be watch Captain Tight Pants, and Space Whore, and the rest every alternate Friday at 4am and each 3rd Tuesday after the infomercials go off (prime slots for the 18-34 demo).

Also, seeing as how it’s Monday, November 5th, the Writer’s Guild probably just went on strike just went on strike. This means basically all non-reality shows will be halting production. In an act of solidarity (or something) with my creative brethren, I am providing a “speechless” version of today’s comic.

You can download it here:


Please take it and fill in whatever words you like (unless you are a member of the Writer’s Guild. Then you aren’t allowed to write words). Make it funny, make it stupid, or make it make less sense than the original. When you are done, email it to comics (at) hijinksensue (dot) com. Don’t forget to tag it with your name. I will post the ones I like best on the site. If this works out and you guys enjoy it, I will make “Webcomic Remix” an ongoing feature.