1. oooo first!

    Question: do you plan to expand the reader community with something like a forum? The community in the comments seems to grow every week, maybe its time to graduate.

  2. since questions aren't flying in I'll go for a triple threat: To our industry insiders, how long does (or rather should) it take to make a video game and what sort of things cause delays?

  3. You guys touched on the topic of G.I. Joes on the last podcast so was wondering what your opinions were on the new G.I. Joe movie they're making now. None of that CG crap, all live action.

  4. I finally caught up on BSG, I don't remember if you addressed this on another podcast since I skipped any BSG talk so feel free to not answer based on my ignorance, who do you think is the final Cylon?

    Also, does anyone else agree that

    Spoiler Alert:

    Tory was the worst and most pointless Cylon reveal?

  5. +Do any of you have one of Kurtz's Whedon shirts?
    +Which Disney movie scarred your childhood(s) the most?
    +What are Disney movies like in Mexico?

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