OK… But I Could Set The Internet On Fire

[reddit-me]Hello, IE6. Whaaaat’s happening?
We have sort of a problem here.
Yeeeah. You apparently stopped rendering webpages correctly in 2001.
Mmm yeah. Ya see we’re rendering valid html correctly from now on… did you SEE the memo?
If you could just do that from now on that would be great.
And I’ll make sure you get another copy of that memo.


Revised Company Policies

[reddit-me]“Yarrr! Tell Steve, it be me 15 minute break. Ye’ll be findin’ me in Davey Jones’ Break Room feastin’ on a Hot Pocket and a tankard o’ Mr. Pib.”

[There are a few new additions and updates to The Store. Check it out!]

So, The Pirate Bay was acquired by a “legitimate” company that plans to transform it into a “legitimate company.” I’m sure they’re banking on name recognition from all the media exposure and lawsuits to bring the honest non-eyepatch customers around. Remember how well that worked for Napster? [hint: not well]

YOUR COMMENT CHALLENGE: Assuming The Pirate Bay was a retail store (see the above comic for precident), give me some scenarios that might play in said store. How about bathroom signs that say “Employees must wash hooks before returning to work.” Or maybe OSHA guidelines demand all peglegs be made of spruce or maple.

Just The Tip T-Shirt

Im Not Gay But My Republican Senator Is T-Shirt

Laura Roslin For President T-Shirt

When Memes Attack

2009-04-15-signed-comic-printsLet me preface by saying that I am in no way making fun of the situation, the people that were killed or the brave men and women that performed the rescue operation. I am making fun of the fact that it is 2000-and-fucking-9 and THERE ARE STILL ACTUAL PIRATES! How does this happen? How are their people alive on this planet that make their living pillaging and hoarding booty and such? Do they have wenches? Peg legs? Peg boys? It really does seem too ridiculous to NOT have come crawling out of the internet.

Question time:
What meme should come to life next, and how will it manifest in the real world?

I’m Your DNSity. I Mean… Your Destiny.

My hosting woes are well documented. Even celebrated in some circles. All of that is in the past now that I have partnered with two intrepid Fancy Bastards to build a robust and reliable home for all things HijiNKS Ensue. Alex and Josh, both long time HE readers, 2009-04-10-lolfoxapproached me last year about helping me out with my server needs and, while I wanted to take them up on it immediately, the prospect of moving all my sites, domains, databases, etc seemed a little too daunting.

I’d finally had it up to here [gestures to my forehead] with Media Temple (not nearly as evil as dick-eating-Bluehost, just not a good fit for my needs and WAY too expensive for a very weak server), so I got Alex and Josh on the emails and we layed out a plan for Server Migrationpalooza ’09. I’ve spent the last 3 days elbow deep in file backups, database dumps (thanks, Daniel) and every other manner of terrifying hosting related thing you can imagine. I emerged from my data-hole about 12 minutes ago exhausted and almost entirely victorious.

Alex and Josh have a Web Design and .NET App development company called Infinistorm and also provide a free photo and file sharing service called File Hurricane. I strongly recommend both. These guys have walked me through every aspect of moving 5 databases, a handful of domains and sub domains and all sorts of issues that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with myself. They are geeks’ geeks to be sure.

File Hurricane

I’m pretty excited about graduating to a “big boy pants” server. There are a few changes, but you really shouldn’t notice them.

The Forum is now HERE and the Store is now HERE. The Podcast will have a new home soon too. If you see any broken images or anything on the site that appears to not be working, please email me. It’s likely that I missed a few files during the transfer.

VAULT UPDATE: I’ll be posting the original (bad version) of the art for this comic and some early script ideas in RIGHT HERE in The Vault.

Tweroes and Twillains

I know that regardless of celebrity status, people are just people. They get sick, they get depressed, they go to the grocery store and they get their hair cut just like you and me. Despite understanding that, it’s still weird for me to see Wil Wheaton and Greg Grunberg from Heroes chatting live on the internet. There’s a voyeuristic quality to celebrity blogging/tweeting etc that I find simultaneously creepy and intriguing. I do think it helps to humanize celebrities when they share the phone pics they took of their coffee at Denny’s on TwitPic and such. Maybe if more celebs were open about the mundane details of their “day to days” we would stop obsessing over them. Or maybe it would encourage a dangerous new degree of stalkerism.

I read a few geek-celebrity blogs (JoCo, WWDN, Jackson Public) and follow plenty of marginally famous people on Twitter. I guess I like to see that we are going through the same stuff despite the gap in our social statuses, incomes, and legions of followers. Do any famous people read HE? I only know of 2 or 3 other well known cartoonists that do. No one else has ever come right out and said it. I wonder.

What celebrity Tweeters, Bloggers, etc do you follow and why?

Bonus Links:

Speaking of Twitter, thanks to @SkawtNYC for unwittingly naming this comic.