Episode 8 – It’s an Easter Miracle

The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast
The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast
Episode 8 – It’s an Easter Miracle

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Denise

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids, Religious jokes
We love everybody. If something in this podcast offends you deeply, remember it’s all a joke.

Show Notes

The annual migration of the Gays
This week in Internet
Video Game Colleges- Pros and Cons
Bass Pro Shops
Shitty DVD’s at the Dollar Store
Dave Coolier emailed me
[01:07:55] Special Interview with Jesus
[01: 25:48] Reader Questions: “The Male Sack”
[02:17:50] LOTR voices of the week

“David’s Situation” (link)
The Penny Arcade Scholarship (link)
The Suicide Robot (link)
Battlestar Galactica Top 10 (link)
RollTube (link)
Woman on Toilet for 2 years (link)
Caprica Greenlit on Scifi (link)
Soul Geek (link)
internetisseriousbusines.com (don’t click this link…for reals)

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