29 – Swedish Hotdog Baseball

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
29 - Swedish Hotdog Baseball

This is The Noise Hole’s final episode in its youthful 20s. Next week it will enter it’s dirty 30s, and then it’ll REALLY start to sleep around and get fucked up. This week, Dave and Joel answer Noise Boi questions about staying motivated, and Creed, AND they do a solid 30 minutes of MetalliCHAT!

  • “Why Do I Stay?” by Miserable Son Of A Bitch 
  • “I’m A Little Clever Shit” – Traditional Irish Folk Song 
  • How do you stop stopping when learning guitar? 
  • “Pickin’ & Choosin’” by The Mississippi Indecisive Boys
  • “Impressing Girls With Your Guitar Skills” by The Cranberries
  • “She’s Got Hot Legs” by AC/DC
  • Chugging Metallica riffs to impress your friends
  • Being good at guitar is easier than being a good singer
  • MetalliCHAT: S&M II
  • “The Swedish National Anthem” by The Prime Minister Of Sweden
  • “The Swedish National Anthem” by Mariah Carey 
  • Swedish Hot Dog Baseball
  • Metallica’s cinematic video for Mission Impossible 2 destroys San Francisco
  • Kirk Hammet is a mischievous goblin
  • Gary clarifies Kevin’s parentage… sort of 
  • Your standard Stone Gossard riffs
  • “Yeah’a Naw Haw” by Eddie Vedder 
  • “Eddie Vedder’s An Owl” by Pearl Jam
  • What’s the deal with Creed?
  • “With Cloaca Open” by Creed
  • “I’ve Got That Church Money” by Creed
  • “This Is Safe Rock” by Creed
  • “The Doors Are Open” by Scott Stapp
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Metallica
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