19 – Escaping Neverland

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
19 - Escaping Neverland

We hate to start an episode with an apology, but we spend about half this episode discussing musicians and celebrities that also happen to pedos. Can we separate the art from the artist, or the sandwich from the sandwich artist? Let’s find out together.

This week:

  • Radiohead killed the riff
  • Johnny Greenwood in Game Of Thrones
  • The cartoonish villainy of Axel Rose
  • Guns N’ Roses vs. Aerosmith: The Good People On Both Sides Tour
  • “Cryin’” by The Ramones
  • “I Used To Love Her” by Aerosmith
  • Manager Stevarino has to balance out the Balls 
  • “Big Balls” by AC/DC is a spooky Halloween song
  • Metallica trying to rock the National Anthem
  • “I Just Prefer To Be With My Own Race” by Morrissey 
  • Michael Jackson’s music is ruined forever because he was a serial pedophile
  • Clarence the funky bass player has reservations about Michael Jackson
  • Which band would YOU “Yesterday?” 
  • Kid Rock pulls a fast one on us all
  • Kid Rock’s original name controversy 
  • The Ramones sell some coffee
  • Michael McDonald is a vindictive motherfucker
  • “I Wanna Be Sedated” by Michael McDonald
  • The Darkness sell Subway
  • Subway Jared has his own “darkness” 
  • 1-800-CASH-NOW by Green Day
  • Horrifying UK Toys ‘R’ Us Theme
  • Tom Waits’ McDonalds Ad
  • Gimme a Blink, Gimme a Blink, Blink me off a piece of that 182
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