18 – Happy Father’s Day, Eric Clapton

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
18 - Happy Father's Day, Eric Clapton

Join us, Noise Bois, as Dave celebrates his first Father’s Day, while Joel makes it an even dozen, and we delve deeply into rock dads and all their rad daddom.

This week:

  • “A Man On The 30th Floor” by Death Cab For Cutie
  • “Why Didn’t Daddy Hold My Feet” by Eric Clapton
  • “Tears In Heaven II” by Eric Clapton
  • How to become a dad
  • “Sticky Laundry” by Mineral or Texas Is The Reason or maybe The Get Up Kids
  • Lemmy’s Retro Rundown: Starfox 64
  • “Tears In Heaven” by Motörhead
  • Lemmy’s secret son
  • Rock and Roll Dads
  • Bowie is the Grand Galactic Daddy
  • Dave Grohl is the ideal rock dad
  • “Punk Dads Are The Best” by Green Day
  • “When Dad Comes Around” by Green Day
  • “Daddy-O, Let It Go” by Jakob Danger Armstrong
  • “Workin’ Dad” by Green Day
  • “Eric Clapton’s Not Home” by Eric Clapton
  • “Cat’s In The Cradle (And Dave Is The Moon)” by Harry Chapin
  • “I Love My One And Only Son” by John Lennon
  • “Hey Jube (Don’t Make It Worse)” by Paul McCartney
  • “Hey Linda” by John Lennon
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