16 – Dear Dick Doc

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
16 - Dear Dick Doc

We’re not gonna lie. Half of this episode is about Glenn Danzig working odd jobs and the other half is almost entirely dick jokes set to music. It’s not an apology, but it might be a warning. Anyway, if you ever wanted to hear Eminem and his urologist trade verses, this is the episode for you.

This week: 

  • American Psycho Pop Punk
  • Wayne Static is dead. All Hail Glenn Static. 
  • Glenn Danzig should not be allowed at CVS
  • “Gooch Cream” by Dueling Glenn Danzigs
  • The ancient rules of having a pet Glenn Danzig
  • A Tour of Castle Danzig
  • Glenn Danzig is a body snatcher
  • Lemmy’s Retro Rundown: Majora’s Mask
  • “Legend Of Zelda” by Motorhead 
  • Rockstar dick-size chart
  • “Santa’s Comin’ For His Dick” by Sex Pistols
  • Rockstar Cabin In The Woods
  • “Would Anyone Like To See The Contents Of My Trousers?” by Morrissey 
  • “I’m Sorry If You Saw My Dick (I Need Consent)” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “Dear Dick Doc” by Eminem
  • “Look At My Dick” by Nirvana
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