15 – Jazz Sucks

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
15 - Jazz Sucks

Prepare yourselves, Noise Bois, for an extra long 90 minute episode that contains zero unwarranted, inflammatory and ill-informed opinions about entire complex genre’s of music! It’s time for episode 15, “Jazz Sucks!”

This week:

  • “Korobeiniki” aka “The Tetris Theme” aka “Death To the West” 
  • Jazz is impressive but unnecessary
  • The Noise Bois try and fail at jazz
  • “Jazz Sucks” by NOFX
  • Past-Dave bullies a classical guitar boy
  • Classical music destroys lives… in DeGrassi High
  • “I Need 4 Kinds Of Pills” by Alanis Morissette 
  • “The Sausage Of The Mountain God” by RUSH
  • Runny Eggs Dio 
  • Some of Sum 41
  • Lemmy’s Retro Rundown: Gameboy Edition
  • “Hello Daddy, Don’t Go Away” by Weezer
  • If Metallica were from Dave and Joel’s home towns… they would be worse
  • Doin’ punch up for bullies
  • The Lord needs mood regulating drugs
  • Dave’s gone gaga for wah-wah
  • Morrissey and Bob Dylan narrate Dave’s morning
  • “The Ballad of Bob and Dave” by Bob Dylan
  • Spruce Bringsteen is Dave’s Boss
  • “Gotta Get Outta This Town (Shana and Jessie’s Song)” by Bruce Springsteen
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