The Expendables Expandable Cast

Feel free to add to the list of “stars” in the comments.


I assume you are coming to C2E2 next weekend [April 16-18] because you seem like pretty cool dudes and only a lame-ass would miss such an awesome event.

There is actually going to be a fully functional webcomics pavilion hosted by Topatoco [who sells my shirts] which will feature nearly all the webcomics creators you stare at from afar and love.  It promises to be a good time.

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  1. It seems like they went on IMDB and entered, "Action Star, Alive" and hit Random. Might be good for blow up action, but god damn. To many names to fit on the poster and each poster has a different highlighted cast member.

  2. Could there be anymore has-been action stars in this movie??? And how random is Dolf Lungren being in this movie? He must have used every favor he had just to get in this piece of shit.

    • I wish there was a funnier reason but Dolph probably made it into the film simply by virtue of being friends with Stallone. The two of them truly bonded while making Rocky IV, supposedly because Dolph punched a hole in Stallone's ribcage and thus reached through to his action hero heart. (And that is actually how it happened too!)

  3. It's really funny in that third panel I thought for a second Joel had melted away from the horror or been sucked into his computer to become part of the cast of the movie. lol

  4. Bill S. Preston, Theodore Logan, Spock, the Rock, Doc Ock, and Hulk Hogan.

    Seriously, I can’t be the only one who realized where they got the “idea” for this movie, right?

  5. I saw this trailer three times before my eyes were burnt out by the Clash of the Not-Really-Titans – but it was called ATeam and Losers as well.

    I think they hired the same guy for all three trailers.

    Band of soldiers/mercs? Check. Betrayed by their bosses? Check. Out for revenge? Check.

  6. "…with SGT. SLAUGHTER as the President and GAIL FISHER as Peggy" was something I used to stick on the end of gag movie credits back in the '80s…

  7. man I know your comic is all about "geeking for the sake of geekery", and I suppose the joke is funny.. but really, a guy sitting on a couch? that's about as funny as a guy sitting on a couch. at least throw in some exploding unicorns or some shit. trust me on this, I'm a rapper.

    all of these bros on this here comments thing are all trying to be funny or gushing, doesn't hurt to take some criticism every once in a while.

    • Really? It seems like you're the one trying to be funny and get attention. If you have actual criticism feel free to email me. "This sucks, add some unicorns bro" is a desperate cry for attention and won't be well received by me or anyone else here.

      • right on, I dig what you're saying, and why you'd say that.

        for instance, the last panel of your previous comic. that genie, it was hilarious. more stuff like that, is all that I'm saying.

        didn't mean to offend you as hardcore as I did.

    • Actually, the guy-on-a-couch concept is good and solid. In fact, in the UK (where, as I am sure you are aware, some of the best comedy is made) there is an entire tv-series based simply on two guys in a couch. Not only is it successful but also very funny.

    • I think *reading* helps this comic quite a bit. It's the dialogue (or monologue, rather) that's funny. And I gotta say, funny is funny whether someone's sitting on a couch or talking to a genie.

  8. Oh man. You visit Chicago AFTER I move to BFE Indiana? <whimpers pitifully> Would still come if I could spare the money for gas… and if my car would survive the trip.

  9. That many 'action heroes' in one trailer, and the only two things I could think were: 1. If I start chewing my own arm now, will the boredom stop?; and 2: Really? They wanted to feature making fun of the Asian guy? Do we still do that?


  10. I don't know. Any movie on IMDB that has "Mickey Rourke…….Tool" is okay by me. Sidenote: shouldn't Arnold have been doing something the day they filmed? I know he has another job, I just can't seem to think of what it is…

  11. Just announced that the Kids of Glee, Rupaul, Ongina, jujubee, Raven, McCain, Liz Taylor, Zombie Bea Arthur, Zombie Estelle Getty, Tyra Banks, The Cast of the Jersey Shore, Ellen Degeneres, and MechaShark are all on the Director's Cut Special Edition due out this spring

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