Where - in the world - is - Joel in San Diego?

The 5 Days Of SDCC: Day 4

While I’m at SDCC, I’m posting predictions as to the toll that SDCC (the con, the parties, the lack of sleep) will have on my physical and mental well being. Outlook = Probably found in a ditch.


Where am I? Only the wind knows. Also I bet gender-bent Jon Snow, despite knowing nothing Jon Snow, knows. She was around the booth a bunch earlier and seemed to have a cache of Dragon Glass under her pelt cape. As everyone who’s studied cartoonist lore knows, Dragon Glass is one of the only things that can kill us, along with bullets packed with soil/rocks from the town of our birth and entitled reader comments.

Truth be told, I am having an amazing SDCC experience. I’m spending time with some of my very favorite human beings and I’ll definitely be coming away with a few new favorites to add to the list.

When this week is over, would anyone be interested in a poster/print of all 5 days on one page?


Coming to SDCC? Come see me at the Blind Ferret Booth (#1231) in the Webcomics area. I will have books and shirts, sketches, Lil’ Wil plushies and ??????THE MYSTERY BOX??????!!!! Speaking of books, if you buy HijiNKS ENSUE Vol’s 1 or 2 you’ll get a free mini print featuring my Sharknado sequel posters! More info HERE.

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