The 5 Days Of SDCC: Day 1

I’m trying something different for this years “while I’m at SDCC” comics. Instead of guest comics, or NO comics like I’ve done in the past, I’ve decided to make predictions as to the toll that SDCC (the con, the parties, the lack of sleep) will have on my physical and mental well being. I’ll have made all 5 days worth of comics in advance, based on the previous 3 years of exhibiting at SDCC and advanced algorithms that can predict exactly how much alcohol I will consume and how little sleep I will get. When I return from SDCC, I will revisit my predictions and let you know how correct they were. SPOILERS: They will be 100% correct because I make the same magical mistakes every year.

I made you a new Lo-Fi comic about iPads and where they go.


Coming to SDCC? Come see me at the Blind Ferret Booth (#1231) in the Webcomics area. I will have books and shirts, sketches, Lil’ Wil plushies and ??????THE MYSTERY BOX??????!!!! Speaking of books, if you buy HijiNKS ENSUE Vol’s 1 or 2 you’ll get a free mini print featuring my Sharknado sequel posters! More info HERE.

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Fren · 100 weeks ago

Mistakes? There are no mistakes. These are merely lessons you refuse to learn because the consequences are too fun. That’s my theory.

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seriously · 100 weeks ago

I humbly suggest alcohol induced memory impairment. While the judge may not have bought it, but I still believe it’s a valid excuse.
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Stranger · 100 weeks ago

That diet is going to have one hell of a backlash right in the middle of the con, isnt it?

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seriously · 100 weeks ago

And there goes Joel doing his best imitation of the Flash, setting a new land speed record in search of a restroom.

Right before he does an imitation of what happens when you add Mentos to a bottle of diet Coke.

No comment.
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seriously · 100 weeks ago

“They will be 100% correct because I make the same magical mistakes every year.”

You know, this might explain why I always wake up hung-over on New Years day, and May 6. Next year’s gonna be different, this time I’ll… probably just make the same mistakes I did this year, and last year. Although filling up an empty wine skin with Jose Cuervo was not a good idea.

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lou · 100 weeks ago

I like this concept. Each strip could read like a RPG Character Sheet with different stats that change by the day.
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Dean · 100 weeks ago

I predict that the final day will see you reduced to a blazing skeleton animated solely by rage and caffeine.

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Chaucer59 · 100 weeks ago

Just bring back lots of photos, Joel. It’s been too long since your last photo comic.
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