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I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords. I missed the actual opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the photos alone were enough to blow my mind. Josh has an HD rip of the whole thing, so I’ll probably get to “experience the mindsplode” eventually.

After writing this comic I found that Eli’s assumption wasn’t too far off. Apparantly there were some CG Chinanigans.

I turned on the games last night just in time to catch the US Swim Relay team… swim… really well. I don’t much about sports and I’m certainly not enthusiastic about The Olmpics, but I found myself glued to the TV watching these dudes swim. It was mesmerizing. One lap in that pool would have put me in the hospital. They did MORE THAN ONE. LOTS MORE! It was really quite a spectacle to behold. I guess there is something laudable about attaining a machine-like endurance and reaching near perfect physical condition. It doesn’t make me feel patriotic or “more American” to see the US athletes take home Gold, but it certainly seemed like it took more effort than, say, a football game. So I can appreciate their accomplishments.


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  1. That was one sick ass race last night. There was much shouting and cheering in my home.

    Take that, France!

    Also, isn't it "The US Swim Team isn't human"? The Swim team, though made of four men, is one entity in that sentence.

  2. I'm fine with learning Mandarin (that way I can communicate with those delicious oranges), but Sweet Creamy Jesus am I ever fearful of taking on Cantonese.

    And I'm glad that you got to experience the fine, beautiful sight that is Men's Swimming, Joel. I haven't seen it myself, but I'm sure I'd be drooling right alongside you 😉

  3. I watched the opening ceremonies just before the Cast Cast started on friday and I was literally floored by the whole deal. The manpower and "fierce" precision (NBC's words) were awe-inspiring. And that gizmodo story is kind of misleading as Bob Costas said during the broadcast that the opening was a cinematic and not "live".

    and if you weren't watching the swimming tonight the US continues to dominate in the pool XD though I wish they'd bring back the old suits for the women, they look terribly mannish in those speedskin things.

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