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Hey check out this beer bottle I designed for Stone Brewing Co’s collaboration with Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis. This was really the best kind of project to be a part of because A) The people involved are super great, B) It was fun and I was given a near total creative flexibility and C) There’s beer at the end.


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Leshka· 102 weeks ago

‘Ka-Break’ and a Calvin and Hobbes reference first thing in the morning? My day just got better!

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Rogerborg· 101 weeks ago

Let’s characterise it as a possibly inadvertent homage. It’s hard to put together a piquant sentence that’s *not* a gestalt of Shakespeare, Roddenberry, Whedon, Watterson and, uh, Wheaton. Anne, o’ that lk.

In other news, I just watched Hannibal and ohhhhh, OK, now I get it. I suspect that it will be the Ultraviolet of the 2010’s.

Eli’s dialogue in the last panel is comic perfection.

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Hey thanks!
Best. onomatopoeia ever.
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jiynx· 102 weeks ago

dude, onomatopoeia make the very BEST sound effects.
Um… DISNEY. “Imagineer” has been an actual job title there for ages.
I totally got that from Disney. I used to want to be an imagineer (theme park designer, problem solver, model maker, etc) for Disney. Still seems like a pretty awesome job.
Your label is so awesome I peed a little. I really hope I’ll be able to get some of that out here in NC. I don’t even really care if the beer’s good (it will be) I just want to set that (empty) bottle (or six) on my mantle.

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The beer is supposed to be VERY good according to those who have tried it. I don’t know what Stone’s policy is on ordering/shipping/supplying to other states, but Im sure that will be public knowledge once the beer comes out.
Is the Fanta by ANY chance a Homestuck reference?

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No, it is a terrible soda.
Correction; a terrible soda that’s not endorsed by band full of clowns
The alt text reminds me of Firefly dialogue. 🙂

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It kind of does sound like Wash, youre right.
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Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Fanta: red, orange, purple, green colored sugar-flavored soda.
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