Have You Heard The Good News?

Lil’ Wil Plushies are HERE, the are SHIPPING and now they have their own TUMBLR!

It seems as though Eli and Josh do not understand the finer distinctions of several of the world’s many beautiful religions. Had they taken even an intro to Theology in school, they would know that the chickensnake worshipping death cult is a sect that branched off from the Lutherans in 1847. Fun fact: these Neo Lutherans were featured heavily in season 7 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, though the producers replaced the chickensnake with “The First Evil” to make the show sexier for pale teens.

I totally still have some holiday type greeting cards in the store. You should pick some up and mail them at some other person after you write all over them.

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  1. I have to use "dickbasket" in converstaion now. That last panel makes Eli sound like he knows full well what he hath wrought., but isn't to worried about it.

    • Amazingly enough the word of the day IS "dickbasket". You must use it at least 3 times today, in a manner befitting one that is being a dickbasket. Good luck and all hail the coming of the lizard-cock! BWA-HAHAHA *thunder and lightning to go with maniacal laugh*

  2. I just have to say that I love the shipping method you guys used to send our Mr. Wheaton plushy to Canada. Got notices when they went out, got notices when it was dropped off at our door. We've been having so many problems getting packages delivered that it was nice to get so much feedback on the delivery.

  3. I'd be careful about that Star Wars themed card. Lucas was cool about people making fun of Star Wars but now that it's owned by Disney you might have some problems.

    • Who says that girl with the cinnamon bun hairdo is from anything in particular? Could be any sorority girl these days, with their buns-hair and white princess dresses.

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