‘Cause I’m Leaving On A Red Train

Yeah… soooo, I’m probably going to move to the Harry Potter Amusement Park at Universal Studios when it’s finished. I don’t want to work there, I just want to BE there, to exist in the “wizarding world” surrounded by magic and childlike wonder. This seems like it’s about as close as I’m going to get without some sort of extended hyper-sleep VR simulation situation. I’ll keep updating the comic until the park is ready, but once it is I’m taking the nearest portkey out of here. SUCK IT MUGGLES!

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COMMENTERS: What do you hope they include in the HP theme park? What would be your ultimate real life HP experience (within the realm of possibility)?

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  1. This will replace Epcot as the worst place on Earth to do hallucinogens at.

    I bet you several people will try, though, and it will be the most magical and dangerous time of their lives.

  2. When I read up on it, an article mentioned that park of the Harry Potter business would be a dragon-themed roller coaster. Specifically, it would be TWO dragon themed roller coasters that mirrored each other. That type of thing existed there from the start. So, are they repurposing the Dueling Dragons, or is it being cloned?

    Anyway, great comic, Joel!

  3. As someone who worked on the construction site that became Islands of Adventure, please translate the muggle construction workers speach to spanish and you'll be spot on! Other than that, Perfect!!!!!

  4. "COMMENTERS: What do you hope they include in the HP theme park? What would be your ultimate real life HP experience (within the realm of possibility)?"

    Hmm. Ultimate real life HP experience within the realm of possibility…I'm seeing a Hogwarts Hotel sort of thing. You can only get there by train (no roads, ect, though they probably have a massive parking lot outside the station and the ride would be less than an hour). There are feasts in the great hall, sort of an all you can eat affair. Cooks just load up the table with food and then retreat, so it seems like the banquet is always magically stocked. Then, guests get divided into "halls" set up like the great houses, only with more muggle convenience, of course.

    Expensive? Yes, very. But also doable.

  5. I don't know if it's doable, but a dark ride through the forbidden forest would be cool. You could see giant spiders, centaurs, and grawp!

  6. So, was the title of the comic "Cause I'm leaving on a Red Train", a nod to the passing of Mary, from Peter, Paul, and Mary? The group that made John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" a hit?

  7. Okay. This is an odd coincidence because I got roped into going to a Harry Potter Exhibition by my girlfriend and a couple of our friends. I've never completed the series or seen the movies, but the exhibition consisted entirely of props from the movies and interactive exhibits (You could sit in Hagrid's chair, throw Quidditch balls around…they also had a Sorting Hat Ceremony at the beginning of the exhibition for a few volunteers).

    I have to say…although I never really got into the HP world, I had to appreciate the level of detail that was put into all the props and work displayed. It's a traveling affair, so it *might* be coming to a city near you.

  8. 25% animatronics and corny actors, 25% gringots bank animatronic adventure cartz, 50% gift shops. Buy a lolipop shaped like Harry's sickly foreheadsflesh! I'm so bitter.

  9. Gay For Dumbledore Broomstick Rides? 🙂

    You Cannot Be Sirius Tennis match with a dark curtain for the net (that you should never go behind?)

    I'm sure there will be some Quidditch related game? A proper recreation of the The Enchanted Maze in the Triwizard Challenge would be brilliant, with full scary attacking opposition and vines 😀 Oh and The Dementors Kiss – the ride!!!

    Probably be loads of actors in robes and a few dodge rides, though…would love to see a full version of the dining hall and Diagon Alley though.

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