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My friend Dave saw The Woman In Black and experienced a “muggle heckler” as pictured above. Some people are just so clever, they have to share it with a room full of strangers who’ve paid money to concentrate on something else.

I am never going to be able to look at Daniel Radcliffe and NOT see Harry Potter, but I don’t think that means I won’t be able to take him seriously in other roles. I will just have a harder time concentrating on whatever it is he is doing on screen that does not involve horcruxes, hippogriffs and Hagrids. Emma Watson, on the otherhand… well she has that new short haircut… and the soft skin… soooo sooooft… sooooo skinnnnnnn… [eh hem] Yeah, I think her career will be just fine. Then there’s Rupert Grint. Look, Rupe, I know a lot of guys at comic conventions all over the country and I’m sure I can get you brought in as a guest to a few of them. Have your mom call my people.

Oh, and I did something very bad on my Tumblr. 

COMMENTERS: Do you think the Harry Potter kids will be taken seriously as actors beyond their magical personas, or will they get shuffled off into convention circuit oblivion? Who do you think is the best example of a child star overcoming their “big” role? Which actors were you never able to see as anything but the role that made them famous?

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  1. someone who never got out of the role that made them famous? Jim Carrey but that's more about his acting ability (or lack there of) than about character attachment.

    I think Harry Potter will actually be the proving ground for if you can escape the role that makes you famous. The franchise was the first to show you can have 8 movies with the same actors. Before Harry Potter it was 3 movies then swap in a new cast and reboot so the question of if Radcliffe can escape his role as Harry is very much up in the air.

    It occurs to me that that reply was FAR to serious to be included on a comedy comic post so to balance it: "butts. butts. butts. butts. lolerskates. omg kittenz MEW MEW MEW!"

    • I wouldn't say it's the first franchise to do it. While the franchise didn't have as many movies to it, the Star Trek movies with the original cast were spread out over a longer period of time, and that's not counting the television series.
      Harry Potter was certainly the first to do it with child actors, and by the end, I'm convinced Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint were wearing more makeup to make them look younger than they were to age them in the epilogue.

  2. Neil Patrick Harris has done an excellent job of escaping Doogie Howser, I think. It's still acknowledged that he played the role (making for some fun subtle references), but he's no longer known exclusively for/as that part.

    By contrast, I will never be able to see Shia LaBeouf as anyone but Louis Stevens, so he should probably just stop trying.

    • Shia LeBeouf should just stop trying anyway, to make it easier for me to pretend he never existed in the first place, let alone ruin 2 franchises.

  3. I saw Daniel Radcliffe in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway and he did a decent job – it was harder to forget that he was Daniel Radcliffe than that he was Harry Potter, if that makes any sense. As he gets older and looks less like Harry I think he'll be fine. Michael J. Fox managed to escape Alex P. Keaton to become Marty McFly and then that guy in the depressing Vietnam movie and then that other guy who was a political flack for the guy who was in Rocky Horror, right?

  4. They all need to go through the Drew Barrymore Effect: coke, coke, coke, a few cooter shots, a failed marriage, maybe a rap single and then a cancer movie. Bam! Serious actor.

    Or they can NPH themselves.

  5. I'm not a fan of freaky movies, so I have no plan to see Woman In Black. But in the trailers at least, my main issue was that for some reason he still looks like a kid with an unconvincing 'grown-up' makeup job! I have no explanation for this. It will hopefully change as he gets older. When I saw My Week With Marilyn, though, I was never able to forgot for a second that it was Emma Watson I was watching up there.

    But if Harrison Ford could be Han Solo AND Indiana Jones and still have a successful career playing other roles, I think these kids can do it. =)

    • And he was the only person I could see playing Jack Ryan. No one else has been anywhere near convincing in that role.

  6. I was never really into the Harry Potter movies and when I saw the previews for "Woman in Black" I had no idea that Daniel Radcliffe was in it. So that either means he'll do fine on his own, or that I'm totally out of the loop.

    Hmm, why is this gem in my palm glowing? Wait. No! Don't turn your back on me, Internet! I still get your references! Facebook! Memes! NOOOOO!!!!!

  7. I think all the kids in the movies are fantastic, and I wish them success beyond Harry Potter, but for that to happen, they've got to demand more variety in the roles they take. Case in point: Tom Felton in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

    Really, the only difference there was his American accent. Other than that, he just pasted on that Malfoy sneer and went around…Malfoying…through the whole movie. It was bad enough when I realized his character was the son of the owner of the chimp habitat; all I could think was "my father's going to hear about this." Then he shows up with the cattleprod, aka wand, and when he used it on Caesar I leaned over to my friend and said "crucio!"

    • I still see of Luke from "Growing Pains" every time I see Leonardo di Caprio. He does having acting chops, but I'm still surprised that he gets chosen for the adult roles he does, because he still looks too young to me.

  8. Part of what you call "the Luke Skywalker disease" is Hamill having so much money that he doesn't need to work and so he only takes parts that actually interest him. And since he's not what you'd call "an actor's actor" there's not many of them. Also, the scars from his auto accident probably killed a lot of Hamill's "leading man" potential. Radcliffe is, so far, a better actor who has made smart decisions (Equus is, IMO, the best possible thing he could have done to get out from under Harry Potter) and has grown into a remarkably handsome (and extremely charismatic and media-savvy) man. I see no reason he can't be successful going forward.

    For her part, I don't know if Emma Watson even wants to get back into acting, but as you said, the startling haircut alone has severed her connection to Hermione and given her an image of her own. Rupert is going to have more problems because his appearance is so distinctive and indelibly connected to that of Ron Weasley. I personally like the speculation that he will eventually replace Matt Smith as the 12th Doctor, which would be a very different role Ron while effectively making him Nerd Messiah!

  9. I don't think Radcliffe will have a problem at all. After seeing several interviews he's done, he seems to have a really good handle on Harry Potter and a true love of the craft of acting.
    I hope one day to see him an action hero without an English accent. I would already prefer him in the Transformers movies over Shia LaBeouf.

    Rupert Grint – he'll make appearances as "the scottish guy" or the creepy guy. His gingerness is more of a problem than his Potter appearance.

    I think Emma is more likely to be a model than an actress from here out.

    Next question: Keanu Reeves is ALWAYS Ted Theodore Logan.
    Devil's Advocate: Oh look! Ted is a lawyer. Point Break: Oh look, Ted is an FBI agent. Matrix: Oh look, Ted is Jesus.

    • Name these movies:

      Oh look, Ted is a redneck
      Oh look, Ted is a spiritual dentist
      Oh look, Ted is even more confused than normal and/or a spy
      Oh look, Ted is not blond or Brittish, damn it

      • I would play your game if I did not avoid Keanue Reeves movies unless I feel like I can ignore Ted.

        I'm thinking you're referencing Constantine and Johnny Mnemonic in there somewhere, though.

        • No Mnemonic, but the last one's Constantine, yeah (damn it!) The weird thing is I actually think Keanu's at least an average actor (not mediocre or terrible like most people seem to think), only that fewer people see the movies he's good in.

      • A Scanner Darkly! 😀 I actually liked that movie. Ryder AND Reaves both had their devastating inability as actors turned into a narrative advantage.

  10. You need to post your 'Ponis' picture on Google+ for all the /b/ronies out there…They'd either love you or burn you in effigy, either way, publicity of any sort is a good thing, yes?
    Great comic, by the way.

  11. This is probably just me, but: No matter how many movies she makes, I can never see Kate Beckinsale as anyone or anything other than Flora Poste from "Cold Comfort Farm." It's gotten so bad that when I saw "Underworld" and Bill Nighy appeared as the grand daddy vampire, I kept expecting him to use the phrase "Robert Poste's child…" in his creepy admonishments.

  12. Heh…. I didn't even know who Daniel Radcliffe was until the third movie. I can't see Rick Moranis without him him saying in my mind: " I see your schwartz is as big as mine, now let's see how well you handle it." I guess alot of actors are bound to their greatest work, and everything else is just ignored.

      • What, like just the comic images zipped in a folder? Dont see any reason to put that out there since you can just browse the comics on my site and I actually get paid ad revenue that way. I hope to put out some eBooks this year, but I would prefer that you not distribute all of my work in a way that I can't control or profit from. You are welcome to repost comics on your own site with links back to the original source, but I would object to you posting all of them as a download.

  13. I actually think Rupert Grint will have a decent career. I think he was one of the better actors in the series. He could communicate so much with just a simple facial expression. Also, was I the only one who didn't recognize him for a second when he was disguised to break into Gringotts with Hermione and Harry on the last film? I think the dirty bearded crazy/bad guy role might be just the thing for him to transition from "Ron".

    As for someone who is, for me, defined by a past role I'm gonna have to go with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have been watching that new show she is in (yes I'm one of the 6 people watching it) and I keep expecting her to stake her step-daughter…or maybe I'm just hoping it.

    And now I have to go bleach my brain from that ponis pic.

    • Grint does need a tougher role to clear up the Weazley stamp,…. maybe as a outlaw or something,…. a bad guy [possibly for good reasons] who uses that "innocent look" as a dodge,… like a Baby Face Nelson type or even a Ned Kelly type,….

  14. I can see Radcliffe being a lesser Hugh Grant type. Emma Watson, cant see her doing much else to be honest.

    But i completely disagree with you on Ruper Grint. He'll be fine, he's a really good actor, and he's "the funny one" out of the three with a more natural approachable interactable air and manner about him. I can see him doing comedies and tv series, even some presenting and hosting. Might not make it big in America (unless in the long run he goes down the kind of Ewan McGregor route) but reckon he'll do really well in the UK. And maybe not 12th doctor, maybe too young, possibly 13th. ( I reckon 12 will be female or non-white british)

    And i can never see SMG as anyone but Buffy and Alyson Hannigan as Willow…. or hell the entire cast of Buffy as anything other than that, (except Nathan Fillion)

  15. Its hilarious, I love it when former child stars end up maturing and pisses off their former fanbase. Remember when he was naked in that one play or whatever, and all those moms got mad cause now their beloved little retards would see Harry Potters dick? Or when he almost self destructed under the pressure of fame and became borderline alcoholic?

    Ahhhh, good times.

    • You mean the play "Equus"?

      He should do tasteful porn…or hardcore porn. That would shake his career up and show his wand off to entirely new audiences.

  16. Ron Howard. No matter how many great (and not so great) films he directs and how long he played Richie Cunningham on "Happy Days," and no matter how balding and bearded, he'll always be Opie. But he certainly very successfully transitioned far beyond both roles.

  17. I suspect that Rupert Grint will be too busy rolling around in his enormous piles of money having sex with models to attend many conventions or do much acting ever again.

  18. Sadly, I have never been able to watch the Harry Potter movies. To me, Daniel Radcliffe will never be anything other than naked on a horse.

    Yes I saw Equis first.

    • Have your junk turn into a ponis with the wave of a magic wand…

      *Cue crummy porn soundtrack*

      And let your imagination soar!

  19. I don't really know what his big role was but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been famous since he was a kid, yeah? Still seems pretty well regarded (and deservingly so) as an all round actor.

  20. II think Daniel's got quite an old fashioned looking face. He would probably be great in period dramas. Maybe it's the sideburns in WiB that make me think that.

  21. Frederick Hubbard Gwynne – some of his last works were Pet Sematary and My Cousin Vinny and his earliest that I can remember might have been Car 54 but I will always fondly remember him as good ole bumbling Herman.

  22. Kristen Dunst hasn't exactly done anything thrilling recently, but does anyone think of her as the scary vampire child in Interview with a Vampire? Prroobably not.
    I must say I admire Rupert Grint's work in this music video by Ed Sheeran… although it's kinda uncomfortable to watch, some of his expressions are pretty raw.

  23. Rupert Grint should pull a Travolta–shave his head and play a thug. That will de-Weasleyfy him.

    I think Elijah Wood has made the best transition from child to adult actor, with NPH in close second.

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