Would the Fancy Bastards fancy a Sharksplode shirt?

Based on reader suggestions (most recently from Orf) I’ve worked up some designs for a “Sharkslpode” t-shirt. Sharksploding originated from this comic, if you need a refresher course.

This one is using the art directly from the comic, so it’s either one or the other. I’m partial to the 3 panel version myself, because it tells a sharksplosion story.

I also think Im going to put up a version of “GYFB” with just the text on black. Thoughts?



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  1. How would an un-Fancy Bastard know that's supposed to be Tom Cruise? If no one cares that un-Fancy Bastards won't get it, then I suppose it's a moot point. I like them both.

  2. I chose those three panel so it doesnt matter if its Tom Cruise or not. Its a guy that can fly with laser vision. Most people would guess Tom Cruise, but if they dont it still makes (no) sense.

  3. I love the shirt idea, but it's my guess that shirts with more mainstream (main geek stream) are probably easier to move. For instance, Kurtz's shirts can be appreciated without reading even one of his strips. The scratch fury shirt has a cute kitty on it, the panda attack shirt has a cute panda covered in blood on it, etc. Even the PvP logo shirt has similar qualities because it appeals to every person who likes his strip, regardless of how often they check his site. Straub's shirts run parallel to this, and Kellet's do too. For now because HE has such an intimate fanbase this works I suppose, but you might want to think about making them a bit more mainstream (main geek stream of course) as the site starts to grow.

  4. I like the idea for the GYFB shirt. As much as I like the other designs where he’s riding the rocket… I’d be more likely to wear it in public if it wasn’t quite so gay. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” haha

  5. I hear you loud and clear. The Godspeed shirt is the only one Ive done so far that is "HE Specific" so to speak. I do need to focus on more mainstream items (believe me, there are about 100 on the list). I'll be releasing a few more hopefully next week.

    For the audience I have, the shirts are not selling well, but that mostly due to the fact that they ARE very specific (not to mention dated, in the case of the Wizard shirts). Im trying not to worry about this and just focus on creating new designs and getting them out to you guys. Your feedback is much appreciated.

  6. Yeah. I really don't see myself buying this. I already bought a Fancy Bastard shirt and I'm going to by a Roslin shirt next. After that I'll just wait to see what you come up with.

  7. Honestly, I don't think it would sell all that well. Outside of FB's, it wouldn't be understood, even with the generic "superhero". It's much more of a 'you had to be there' joke. Of course, I still say "sharksplode" at times, but I get strange looks any time I do…I mean, even more that I usually get.

  8. Just a damn minute here–I've got as much disposable income as anyone. I actually like the three-panel shark-splode t-shirt. I'm not certain how much more mainstream you can get. I mean, you seem to have a running-joke series of comics here; esoteric as knowing the characters; why it's funny that Josh is in leg-warmers, etc. etc. So what? You're going to set up one-liners? I just don't think you'll move as many t-shirts unless you get a distributor like Elsewares or something. I think if you linked your "Don't Phase Me Bro'!" to the UF college of engineering, you'd likely make a few sales.

  9. Come on, peeps. It's a shark being exploded by a dude with laser eyes! Laser eyes! Exploding shark! That is something that appeals to all races and creeds.

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