Worf’s sash is called a Ha’quj

If you are interested in “the process” behind HijiNKS Ensue, here’s a little glimpse. Probably 30-50% of the comic ideas come from IM’s like this. Josh doesn’t realize he’s writing my material (but he really should at this point).


Josh: and today nintendo was rated the least eco-friendly electronic manufacturer
Josh: which seemed odd
Joel: like they pour toxic waste around each crate of complete Wii’s just because
Joel: they test each wiimote by clubing a seal and chopping down a tree
Joel: as long as the wrist strap stays attached, its golden

Joel: dude
Joel: i was watching this mars show
Joel: about how fucking impossible it will ever be for us to ever do anything significant in space
Josh: hahaha
Joel: because we are too dumb
Josh: lost cause eh?
Joel: its fucking pointless
Joel: youve heard the term “cosmic rays”
Josh: i’ve heard the term
Josh: bust mostly in the Fantastic Four sense
Joel: the first astronauts reported weird flashes of light in their eyes
Joel: upon examination of the hull, their helments and suits
Joel: it turns out the flashes were dying star matter passing THROUGH THEIR FUCKING EYES!
Josh: hahahahahahahaha
Josh: hahahahahhaha
Josh: fucking sweet
Josh: is that bad?
Joel: littereally tearing microscopic holes in the ships and their brains
Josh: so awesome
Joel: and thats everywhere with no atmosphere
Joel: ALL OF SPACE has that problem
Joel: so really, we should just stay here
Josh: fuck that noise
Josh: just call a yellow alert and raise the shields
Josh: we’ll be fine
Joel: battle stations
Joel: number one, worf, youre with me
Joel: Data you have the bridge
Joel: i wonder if a yellow alert is the same as an Amber alert
Joel: like kids go missing all the time on a galaxy class starship
Josh: hahahahahah
Josh: they always end up in the holodeck
Josh: i don’t know why people even worry
Joel: i always liked how when nothing was happening there were kids and families and babies everywhere
Joel: then when they were phasering a space monster
Joel: no kids
Joel: like they all go into hypersleep
Josh: hahahahah
Josh: phasering a space monster
Josh: sounds so fucking futile
Joel: honestly they would all be Newt
Joel: hiding in the jeffries tubes
Josh: probably hiding in the Jeffries tubes
Josh: lol
Joel: you owe me a romulan ale
Josh: isn’t that illegal?
Joel: worf comes out at night, mostly
Joel: mostly
Josh: hahaha
Josh: i can so see michael dorn eating babies
Joel: right, not worf
Joel: but michael dorn
Joel: the actor
Joel: he has a smaller michael dorn head in his mouth
Josh: hahaha
Josh: but only the small one has the forehead ridges
Joel: right
Josh: and that…. thing… he wore around him,  the metal thing
Joel: The Ha’quj
Josh: the mini-Dorn has that too

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