1. Suggestions for teh comics:

    1. Do some black-and-whites or short coloreds for a couple weeks and work ahead on your full-size coloreds. As a reader, I'd have no problem with it, and you (and we) might get more out of it than any of us thinks.

    2. Keep a notepad on you to jot down comic ideas while you're out and about, watching TV, recording the podcast, etc.

    3. (tongue-in-cheek) Blow off going to funerals for watching them on web cams: http://www.funeralstreamingnetwork.com/

  2. true that. I'm noticing in some of the latest comics, it's Joel on a couch wallowing in his own filth. That's the same background each time, man. If you're really looking to try something new, act out your comic with your real life selves, as long as it doesn't require any body mutilation.

  3. But its not the same. I draw it each time. its the same idea, but its never the same couch or the same position. One of these days im going to have to draw reusable backdrops like the Penny-Arcade Kitchen, or the Penny-Arcade Living from circa 2002.

    Theres a couple of comics where they act it out and write in speech balloons. Neat idea but it doesnt appeal to me.

  4. I've worn my GYFB shirt twice since I got it last Friday. It is definitely in the upper tier quality of shirts I've ordered from the internet. I'll send in a pic of me wearing it soon.

    At this point it looks like I'm going to the Democratic Convention in Denver this year. Once that's 100% settled I'm definitely buying a Roslin shirt to wear to it.

  5. I just watched this vlog and as someone who is in the throes of researching and brainstorming (re: going into business using my art) this has been very helpful. I still have a lot of your site to check out…and I will. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your info!

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