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I just received my first Patreon payment:

Apr 1, 2014 at 2:00 am
+$1,046.52 processed to your account from your patrons.
$1,167.30 Pledged / $62.40 CC Fees / $58.38 Patreon

…and I just wanted to share some updates about what’s going on with my Patreon and the various rewards I’m currently working on.

So far I’ve been pretty awful at this. So far in March we’ve had a hail storm that damaged both our cars, and our roof. We spent a night huddled in the closet due to tornado warnings, and a few days dealing with insurance, roofers, etc. Then I finsihed a comic and my laptop died before I could upload it. THEN my wife’s hard drive died the next day. I spent several days scrambling to fix these issues. Bottom line is I am almost caught up on last week’s comics and I will have 3 more for this week before the weekend is over (barring an act of universal chaos). Excuses, excuses, blah, blah, blah I need to work harder.

I just uploaded the first 2 eBooks for $5+ Patrons to download. Check the activity stream to get the links. There will be a new eBook before April is over and one new one a month until I run out of material (which should be at least a year or more).

Video Blogs:
Working on having at least 2 this month, if not the full 3. Post your questions in the comments concerning “Comic Conventions,” “The Hardware/tech I use to make comics” and any suggestions for a quick and dirty cover song. You can also post these to #HEVB on twitter.

Patron Only Hangout:
How about Wednesday night 4/16 for about an hour? I will post the link here in the activity feed.

I have two planned for this month. One with David Willis ( and Angela Melick ( and another one with guest(s) TBD. Post questions for the guests, or future guest suggestions in the comments here or on twitter with #HijiNKSHangout

That’s a lot for the next 2.5 weeks (until I have to do it all over again for May), but you Fancy Patrons have been more than generous and I aim to keep up with my side of the bargain.


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  1. I think it is a secret computer hardware tradition; when one piece of hardware dies of natural causes, the other hardware all get together and vote upon another piece of hardware to honorably join it in the afterlife. Seriously, did you ever have JUST ONE hardware failure? I know that every time my shit goes out, it's like, I KNOW another one is right behind it, waiting to bend my bank account over and have its way.

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