Team Edward [James Olmos] Shirts Are Now In The HE Store

After posting THIS COMIC I was inundated with emails and tweets begging me to actually produce the Team Edward (James Olmos)/Twilight shirt. I am but your humble servant, Intertron, so here you go:


I’ve worked my ass off on this one for the last two days straight. It might look simple but there’s at least 16-20 hours of design time hidden within those blue-tinted pixels. For my troubles I have caught a cold, or possibly the dreaded pork flu. I exist in a haze or alternating OTC medications and am subsisting entirely on cough drops and a different bag of cough drops. So I guess I’m saying that you should pity me and buy the shirt to make me feel better. Maybe that’s just the Sudafed/Tylenol Night Time Syrup/Ibuprophen cocktail talking.


There are big ass “I’m A Snowflake On the Wind” prints, the first ever HE Button Pack and important holiday shipping deadlines for you to check out as well.

I also want to say thanks to everyone that purchased something during the first ever HE Black Friday Sale. It was smashing success and will certainly be repeated in an annual fashion.

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  1. I am now going to be stupidly excited until it arrives. Given that I'm in the UK that may be a while! Sod Christmas, I'm looking forward to EJOday. Thank you!

  2. Two questions, Joel:

    1. Should I star watching BSG? Can it be that good? I have the 1st Season on DVD and I have no clue what's going on in it, being completely unspoiled.

    2. What if Edward James Olmos comes knocking on your door and demands a share of the pie for using His image? 😛

  3. Watch the miniseries and season 1. After that you should be able to judge if you are in for the long hall.

    EJO wouldnt not ask me fore money. If his lawyers decided that my use of his celebrity likeness violated some sort of copywrite (it doesnt. it IS parody but anyone can sue anyone for anything) then I would most likely get a C and D letter. If I did, I would stop selling the shirt because I dont have the money to fight.

    • So what you are saying here is that the SHIRT could possibly become a LIMITED EDITION ITEM? Is that what you are saying? That AFTER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME YOU MIGHT NOT be able to legally SELL THE SHIRTS anymore?

      Also, I've never seen Twilight or BSG. Is this shirt for me?

  4. I should buy one for my daughter the Twilight fan and make her wear it. She won't understand why daddy keeps laughing, but that doesn't matter.

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