Seriously, Internet, WTF?!

Search Stats 8/23/07

There’s depravity, and then there’s this. What could you possibly hope to find with that search other than shame? (I’m talking about the dinosaur one, not Hermione. That’s wholesome family fun)

Close, Google, but no drunk polar bears

Today’s Google terms that brought people to this site:

hermione porn
drunk baby polar bears
leeloo costumes
lost ben linus
hot harry potter porn
LOST jacob
ron fucking hermione
harry potter slash blog
henry ian cusick accent

Internet, will you go with me?

The Googlebot is a confused mechanical man

Joel: you’ll like this
Joel: #4 search term this month
Joel: “bear comics”
Josh: hahhahaahha
Joel: #8
Joel: “porn lost”
Josh: awesome
Joel: it gets better
Joel: #15
Joel: “jack shepherd bear”
Joel: and #20
Joel: FTW
Joel:“polar bear panties”

Movin’ on up

Google delivers relevant search results.

HijiNKS Ensue Search Stats 7/16/07

To the 1 guy that needed desperately to know Weezy Jefferson on a deeper level, I apologize that Google led you here. I am also humbly sorry that this post will do you further injustice by strengthening Google’s misguided belief that HijiNKS Ensue is a wealth of Weezy knowledge.

Next time try Weezypedia.

You can also educate yourself on the great state of Florida.