Store Update: HELP!

If you have one of the “Roslin ’08” shirts, please send me a pic of you wearing it. It’s not for my personal naughty business. Its for COMMERCE!

This will be the first shirt added to the store, and possibly the only one from the old lot (unless anyone is interested in the Dumbldore Shirts).

FYI, I will use these pics in ads, banners, on the site, etc.



Battlestar Galactica T-Shirt - Laura Roslin for President - Roslin 08

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  1. Damn you for working on your store and taking down all the shirts that I didn't know you had.

    I still think you should make a shirt with Tom Cruise and the eagle. That was made of win.

    I just wish I had more money so I could buy 2 of each of your shirts. Do you have any on clearance? I'm a big fan of clearance.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree with the other posters! Don't diss the old shirts yet! I just found your site, and was trying to order a "Don't Phase Me, Bro" shirt and kept getting messages that the site was down for service — I so want one of those!

  3. Ordered the Roslin shirt, put back up the Dumbledore and I'll order that one too. As someone else who quit the comfortable safe world or a regular job recently, it's good to support someone else doing the same. GYFB!

  4. Web development, mainly working in Ruby on Rails at the moment. I don't make the sites pretty, I just make them do shit mostly. Breaking into it as a subcontractor for a buddy on mine, but hope to start building my own client base soon. Meeting with another friend this weekend to talk about something he may want coded up.

    I left a decent job that was fairly stable, though the industry (newspapers) as a whole is definitely on the downhill slide. But the gang of people I worked with were great friends and we all geeked out a lot, so it was tough to leave that behind. We still gang up on the 360 from time to time though, so it's all good.

  5. Man, you just keep spacing out the shirts so you can make bank on the $4 shipping and handling charge when I keep ordering them one at a time! Just kidding, it's worth it, though I'm holding off for Magically Fabulous this time.

    Besides, an extra $4 or $8 is worth it since you turned me on to Frisky Dingo. "Is it weird the I wanna fuck new Fat Mike?" "Oh yeah, he gonna get it…" I almost submitted that as a Male Sack question, but, you know, I already know the answer.

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