• You’ve got a point. There ARE NOT enough sex-vessels adorning the heavens. The “Enterprise NX-01” was an eyesore. Like the Gremlin of enterprises. The Galactica is more impressive than sexy. The new vipers could be accused of sex. Serenity was hot both inside and out. If I was a giant robot I would do bad things to that ship. [/creepy]

      • That scratchy audio was terrible but I, too, have high hopes for this one (although this almost seemed like more of a trailer for Iron Man than Star Trek). I’m not a huge Star Trek nerd, but I do enjoy TNG quite a lot.

        • TNG is basically my bible. No joke. I will show it to my daughter as an example of morality, self confidence, equality, how to treat others, how to solve problems. Its a fantastic guidebook for the human experience. Plus phasers.

  1. Well, in its defense. Seeing that teaser on the big screen in DLP was pretty impressive…

    Once the music kicked in it was forgiven

    I have super high hopes for this movie.

  2. I’m just totally left with the feeling “why did you bother?” Horrific teaser; I get the sense that had I seen it whilst at the cinema I would have spent the first minute going, “hmm, well this looks a bit naff.” and finishing with “ohhh, it was the new star trek…” I am definatly left underwhelmed…

  3. Whatever. I expected something properly overdramatic and stylized, just maybe not this.

    Dunno, I hope they run with it. Like the next advert is them installing the engines and then maybe the cargo bay. Then, like, the conference room and the bridge and sickbay and maybe a few of those tank things. You know, the tank things. I wanna see a 30 second spot on choosing fabric patterns for Ten Forward. Much discussion over the shape of Kirk’s chair.

    Wanna see it.

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