R.I.P HD (2007-2009)

The hard drive in my Macbook Pro died last night. I’ve spent the last 24 hours doing every data recovery method I know of and so far it isn’t looking good. I have hard-drive-flames1a backup but it’s two weeks old (yes, I am teh dumbs), which means I’ve lost all the original comic files for about 6 comics. I’m still trying to recover them. Yes, I put the drive in the freezer. First for an hour (which did not help) and then over night (which doesn’t seemed to have helped).

There won’t be a comic today for obvious reasons. I’m going to have to go buy a new HD, restore from my backup then figure out what I’ve really lost. Most likely it will be a few important emails that weren’t on gmail, 6 comics or so, some recent freelance work, all of my todo lists (see, I put everything into Things about a week ago and trashed all my paper lists! Yay!) and probably a few odds and ends that I won’t realize are gone until I really need them.

Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions on Twitter last night. I’ll let you know how it goes.


It looks like some of the Fancy Bastards have taken it upon themselves to help me out with my hard drive woes. Thanks, guys. You are a fantastic bunch of geeks.


You Fancy Bastards have donated enough for me to get the new drive AND a new backup drive with room to spare!


The saga is concluded HERE.

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  1. Dang… Sorry to hear about all that – Well, at least HDD's (especially that configuration) aren't that expensive anymore… upgraded mine recently (willingly though) to a faster, larger capacity drive for less than 100 beans… I know, I know, every bean counts… but hey, better a handful of beans than a bushel…

    • Ill be doing to "walk of infrequent back up shame" to Frys this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have a working machine by this evening. I imagine the restore will take a bit of time.

  2. Man, that sucks so much. I went through something similar when my Macbook Pro was jacked from the office. I was teh dumbs too, as I had it set to backup my data once a week. It happens nightly now.

    Have you tried the drive in an external enclosure? If it's recognizable as a disk, you might be able to copy it sector by sector. Maybe.

  3. If the drive is still recognized as existing but you can't get any further – find a friend with a PC and a copy of SpinRite 6. It won't fix a hardware failure – but what it can do is pretty amazing. It's saved my bacon – where by "bacon" I mean "data" – several times.

  4. We have "PC Guru" (Austin) and such…maybe you have one of those shops in your area?
    They charge a hefty fee, but they can recover amazing things, They just have bigger
    magic than us users. (I have a friend who used to work at one)
    Since the Generous FBs have saved you some $$, maybe you can afford teh Pro Save.

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