Podcast Vidcast Simulcast Castcast #19 tonight

We’ll be starting the stream between 7pm and 8pm central. Come join the chat and fun and such.


We’ll be starting about 8pm Central.

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  1. This should be the last week that I miss the live stream–for a few weeks, anyway. I'm helping Josh move here this weekend, woo!

    Also, link behind image is broked (missing ':' after http).

  2. You guys were talking about FF3 last cast and speaking about how stable it was. Well, have any of you had the common problem that cuts all the internet sound and makes any videos unwatchable as they pause themselves every few seconds? It's a whore and it's common, open like 3-4 tabs and stream some videos in them, leave them over-night and it'll have fucked itself and will require a system restart to fix it…

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