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Use code “cyborgmonday2014” to get 15% off today (12/1/2014) ONLY!

If you are a Patreon Fancy Patron, you can get a 20% off code HERE.

There are 5 new HijiNKS ENSUE T-shirts, 6 new HijiNKS ENSUE Hoodies, 2 new HijiNKS ENSUE prints, and all of my books are 50% off (and they are going to be unavailable after Jan 31, 2015 so, you know… GO GET THEM)!

I have been working on this new store (the image mockups, the web design, the backend, the integration with my fulfillment partners and printers, shipping, plugins, etc.) and the new shirt and hoodie designs 12-15 hours a day for at least the last 5 days straight. I say “at least” because I honestly don’t know anyway as that time and space and the confines of mortal existence have all become meaningless as my mind has been slowly unmade.

This past week as been a blur spent in front of code and pixels for all of my waking hours and many of my should-not-be-awake hours. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve worked VERY hard to make the new HE store something I can be proud of and something that you will enjoy. Or, at least something that will allow you to easily purchase something that you will enjoy.

Real talk: One of the main reasons I’ve re-taken control of my store (rather than using a 3rd party merch management company like I have for the last 4 or 5 years) is that I feel like being close to this process is one of the things that kept me close to my audience. Seeing the names come in with the orders, and especially seeing the SAME names come in over and over again was important to me. It kept be connected to the Fancy Bastards that supported me the most and it’s something that I’ve regrettably lost. I have lots of plans for the store, more shirts to  design, more types of products to offer (some of you have been asking for usb drives with the entire HE Podcast on it…) and many more things I want to accomplish with it in the coming  year. I am thrilled that this first enormous step is behind me and only a hundred million more tiny little steps remain.

Please support HijiNKS ENSUE with your holiday time spending dollars. I’m a one man operation, so each and every sale makes a huge impact for me. Thanks!

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  1. Any chance you'd start offering kid sizes on the shirts? There are a couple of them that would work well for the munchkin nerd set without the parents getting too many dirty looks.

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