New Shirt! George R.R. You Done Yet?

George R.R. You Done Yet? Shirt, A Game Of Thrones Parody Funny Shirt George R.R. Martin

I can’t wait until the Song Of Ice And Fire septilogy (or possibly octology) is completed and my great great grandchildren can read the final book to me. Of course some will say that the small moon that contains the A.I. super computer that houses George R.R. Martin‘s consciousness is colder and less emotive than the original flesh and blood author, but I’ll take comfort in his calculated and mechanical 5 page descriptions of each and every meal because it will remind me of what it was like to eat food before the ApocaCult unleashed their famine-droids to burn-destroy all our food-crops.

This idea had been floating around in my brain-head for a time-while, but after I saw Paul & Storm’s new video for “Write Like The Wind,” I decided it was time to take action-doings.

If you are anger-frustrated with sad-waiting for the next book, let George and the world know. Head on over to Sharksplode and check it out. 

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  1. OK Guys we get it you want the next book.

    Am I the only one that is sick of these constant demands on an Author? If a movie came out and they said that they weren't going to release a sequel for a few years people would accept it and move on. If it was 5 years it would suck but people would accept that too. ie "The Hobbit"

    Now imagine the movie was 30 hours long and shot, directed, and starting one guy.

    Maybe I'm just jaded since I read the first few books in 2003 and have been waiting almost a decade. This shit takes time for it to be done right so go read something else for a while. Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss all good nerdy authors.

      • I know, but every time I go to a signing I have to hear GRRM tell a bunch of fans that no he's not done yet, he has been working on it. No he isn't going to put of his vacation or his wedding to keep writing.

        I dig most of your shirts and I like the design of this one. But I can see people wearing this when the meet him and the nerd raging out on him.

        Love your comic and I didn't mean to come off as an asshole.

    • I think paul and storm said it best

      "You’re not our bitch, and you’re not a machine
      And we don’t mean to dictate how you spend your days
      But please, bear in mind, in the time that you’ve had,
      William Shakespeare churned out thirty-five friggin’ plays"

  2. See, this is why I always wait a good 10-15 years to get into something. I just finished Game of Thrones and started Clash of Kings last night. At the pace I'm going, he'll finish by the time I catch up!

    If there's a flaw in this logic, I don't know what it is.

    One of these days I think I'll check out this "Firefly" thing you guys are always talking about.

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