My Neck! My Back!

My neck and my back!

I hurt my shoulder pretty bad which has sevrely limited the mobility of my neck and back. This happens every once in a while and usually takes a few days to get over. Needless to say I wasn’t able to draw a comic for today. I’m feeling a little better now so if there is a comic for Monday it will be up late tonight or possibly Tuesday.

Thanks for understanding.


In the mean time, check out Jarmo’s HE tribute at Finn-Strip.

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  1. Smatter? Can't Eli and/or Josh pick up a pen? They can be Joel's arms, kinda like that Speed Racer episode where Racer X hurt his legs and Speed was temporarily blind and Speed drove the Mach 5 blind while Racer X gave him directions…..I'd better get back to work.
    Better up Joel!

  2. I'm thinking you could trot out certain arcs, like Cruise-El/Scientology, or Eli being Mexican, or Josh going on a journey somewhere to Gaytown.

    As long as it's funny, we don't mind breaks from topicality.

    Even the Watchmen comics were a sort of miniarc in my eyes. It was the same setting about almost the same thing.

  3. I feel the same way, except I think thats what makes HE special, or at least different. Id love to think of a start point and an end point and crank out 10 strips in between but thats not what Im trying to do here.

  4. It's times like these I really wish HE wasn't such a topical strip, so that it could be written a few strips in advance, and have guest comics/buffers.

    Also, so Joel wouldn't have to make a 8 hour magnum opus every other night.

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