Looks Like I Started A New Webcomic

Hey, guess what? I started a new webcomic called Sharkspode! You might remember the name and URL from the t-shirt site I used to run with my friend Wil. Since all of those shirts were either retired or folded into the HijiNKS ENSUE Store I decided not to let a good, weird URL and a logo featuring an exploding shark go to waste.


I’ve posted 4 comics to get you started and there will be a new comic every day this week. After that it will update Monday through Thursday. Please share the site and the comics with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and however else you see fit. It’s a bit scary feeling like I’m starting over from scratch wit zero readers, so every little push in the right direction helps.

Make sure to bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Enormous thanks to Hiveworks for helping me get the site up and running while I was out of town this weekend and away from my normal tech and reliable internet access.

I’ve worked really hard on the comics and this site, and I hope you enjoy them. I have the benefit of 8 years experience making comics to put into this new endeavor, but it is still incredibly young. I expect it will take me a while to really find a voice for Sharksplode and hone in on what exactly I want to do with it. I had planned to launch with 10 comics on day one, but I actually ended up redrawing the first strip from scratch 5 times trying to get the new art style right. Anyway, I an excited and I hope you are excited.

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