Jonathan Coulton Live Concert DVD in San Francisco

Just got an email from Jonathan Coulton about a concert in San Francisco that will be filmed for a live DVD. All the best stuff is happening in San Francisco. I’m posting this because I wholeheartedly support the proliferation of JoCo’s musical message of robots parts, mathmatics and self destructive squid love. If you’re in SanFran make sure to check out the show. I will definitely be picking up the DVD.


(Read on for the secret message from JoCo.) 

From¬† JoCo‘s email:

My apologies if your geographical location makes this email

On February 22 I’ll be doing a show at the Great American Music Hall
in San Francisco. I’ll be accompanied by a crew of video production
people who will capture whatever magic happens there, and later,
re-assemble it on a DVD that hopefully the entire world will purchase.
With any luck, this will also lead to a proper live CD.

I’m telling you all this because it’s important that the show be fun
and special and generally awesome. If you live in San Francisco, I
insist you come to this show. If you don’t I hope you’ll tell your San
Francisco friends about it so they come instead.

This will be fun! And expensive and terrifying (for me, not you)!

Buy your tickets here:

Will there be more shows? Yes, somewhere, sometime. Honestly I can’t
think past the 22nd right now, and a lot of things are still coming
together. When stuff gets booked, I will spam you about it. I

See you in SF!


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