Howdy, Livejournal Friends!

I wanted to take a minute to say “thank you” to all the people viewing this site coming from I started the HijiNKS Ensue LJ just a couple of weeks ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

A few LJ Communities have been extremely supportive, so special thanks to:

There are a couple of users that have gone out of their way to spread the word as well:

Thanks again for your support!

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  1. My pleasure! This place is so chocked full of geekiness that at times I feel my head may explode, as well. I find it eerie that “The Last Starfighter” trickled through my brain just yesterday..

    Say, silly question here, but is the “iji” your nod to Wii-dom?

    Speaking of Wii, am I the only one that thought Wii Fit was a parody when it was first released?

  2. @Autifon

    I promise to help you clean up the remnants of your head post explosion.

    You’ve uncovered my dark secret. The “iji” is done in lowercase because the 3 dots remind me a 3 people, as in the 3 characters in the comic.

    Not that I was thinking of the Wii, but Im pretty sure their 2 dots are supposed to reflect the community aspect of the system.

    Wii fiit iis the shiit.

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