1. I LOVE that episode. Famke Jensen was freaking awesome and obviously destined for bigger things. Just a testament to how much of a stud Picard is. She'll be faking it with Orick of Volt (or whatever) for the rest of his life, picturing that bald british(french) bastard.

  2. My theory to explain Picard's accent is thus: During the nuclear holocaust, some angry English bastard nukes France when no one is looking. The English then proceed to cover it up with millions of Englishmen posing as French for tourists. After several hundred years, the English need to fake the accent less and less, reverting to their original dialect.

  3. So you said you're not making a profit yet. Is the margin getting closer, at least? Is the rate of income accelerating? How long has it been now; about two months? Does it look like you've got a shot of reaching sustainability before the 6mo deadline?

  4. Hey there, I'm a fan of your comic and an old-timer in the t-shirt industry… if you want some tips about some of the issues you've encountered, email me. Cheers.

  5. Im 2 months in. Not earning any real income of any kind, but I also havent released very many new shirts, put up ads or started the donation drive. Im trying to take it slow and focus on the most important things which are making a good comic and building the audience. Look for a new page concerning the Experiment this week.

  6. Speaking of the Holodeck, I saw The Perfect Mate a few weeks ago (s05 ep21). Riker walks into the corridor, having just barely managed to turn down the slut/empath's offer of sex, sex, and more sex. Panting, he slaps his com badge, "Bridge, if you need me I'll be in Holodeck 4!"

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