Fancy Sketch Drive Part 2: The Air Reconditioninging

Initially when finances were tight in HijiNKS land a month ago I offered 100 personalized sketches to raise bill-paying type funds. About 50 of them sold and nearly $1700 was raised! I didn’t plan on offering the other 50 for sale so soon, but on August 1, 2012 my air conditioner died (one year TO THE DAY after my indoor air handler died and cost $3300 to replace). It can’t be repaired and it’s $5400 to have it replaced. It’s been WELL over 100 degrees in Texas every day all summer and living without AC is not an option. So it looks like time to offer those other 50 sketches.

HijiNKS ENSUE Boondock Saints

I obviously don’t expect to raise over $5000 in sketches, but every bit helps. If you would like to help and don’t require a sketch in return for your generosity, please feel free to make a donation of any amount. All donations received in the month of August will go straight to the AC fund.

So there are now 50 more pieces of very nice paper that I will happily ruin with the scribblings of your choice! 

I’m nearly done with the first 50 and they will be leaving in the mail this week. I’ve really been working hard to make them special. If you want to see some recent sketches, check out my Tumblr.

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