Fancy Bastard Evil League of Evil Submission Video

I’ve said it before, but HijiNKS Ensue Readers are the coolest motherfuckers this side of the internet.

I’d noticed some nefarious plans taking shape on this thread in the Fancy Bastard Forum, but it wasn’t until tonight that I realized plot had come to fruition and it was already too late for us all.

I present to you newest applicant to the Evil League of Evil, THE RECLUSE!

FB’s will recognize the Feisty Fiddling Recluse as Tindomiel from the forum and comments. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that everyone else in the video was a Fancy Bastard:

Corporal Punishment, founding member of the hero team Shine Junkies – Sean
Nude Knight, former member of Shine Junkies – Dramthevirgin
Kid Kosmic, former member of Shine Junkies – Eddie
Null, former employer of the Recluse – Sean (again)
Oscar the dachshund – himself

Additional HE nods are peppered through out the video (a fallen hero named “Rainbow Grizzly” getting the “Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard” salute, the desktop on The Recluse’s PC and the Super Villain team name “The Shine Junkies” which is an anagram for… something)

So, please support your fellow Evil FB’s and watch the video, rate it, leave positive comments, link to it and send it to your friends. The winners, chosen by Bad Horse himself, will appear in the extras on the Doctor Horrible DVD.

Regarding Tindomiel‘s performance, I am THOROUGHLY impressed to say the least. She exhibits dangerous levels of musical baddassery which is my favorite kind of badassery. Plus a chance for anything HE related to appear on a Dr. Horrible DVD is super awesome bonus tits. Regardless of the outcome, I am very proud of you guys. We are all evil winners!

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  1. "She really made the project happen."

    I think that's the understatement of the year. 🙂 She managed to crank out a glorious product, despite her frustrated tweets of tech fail. Many props to her, Sean, and Dram. 😀

  2. Fun Facts: you can't tell, but my glasses in the video are painted red. Red-tinted wire-rimmed sunglasses are apparently not very popular anymore, and I wanted them to be red so they'd show up well on camera. So I bought a pair of reading glasses and painted the backs of the lenses with acrylic. I should see if I can get Ponoko to cut me some red acrylic lenses… for the sequels. 🙂

    Also, there were going to be more robots, but yeah… technical issues, unfortunately.

  3. I honestly don't think the group application would have come out half as good as this did. We basically said we wanted to do SOMETHING, and Tin already had a pretty good plan for herself, so we just said "How can we help?" I think everyone involved was equally necessary for the finished product to be as kick-ass as it is.

  4. Your on the right track. All the videos submitted two days ago or shorter have lower page counts, everything with a higher page count was put up two weeks to a month ago. HE should be rocketing to the first page of hits at this rate.

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