HijiNKS ENSUE at Emerald City Comicon

OMG EMERALD CITY COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! It is by far my favorite show of the year. Come see me and Angela at booth 307. Here’s a MAP to all the other webcomics I know that will be there. I will be at the Marian Call show in Seattle Thursday night. If any Fancy Bastards are in the audience, feel free to comic up and say hi. Due to my traveling, there will an unusual comic schedule this week. Probably a guest comic and maybe a few more Lo-FiJINKS comics than normal await you.

I will have Book 1 AND BOOK 2 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, prints, buttons and sketch cards!


Airfare, hotels, boothspace, merch, shipping, etc for con season have really hit me hard financially. I really enjoy doing these shows, but the costs can get overwhelming. If you would like to help out, please consider making a DONATION. Thanks!

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  1. Um, Joel? You misspelled Seattle there. (See, nice and straightforward. Not witty at all. 😉 )

    Oh how I wish there wasn't an ocean and a whole continent between me and Seattle…

  2. I Hope you enjoyed Seattle. I wanted to go and meet the third greatest living human (rkmilholland and Goldberg are number one and two) ever, but my stooopid husband went and spent all our money on rent and food and other dumb things. Hope you enjoyed Seattle and didn't get stuck in the monorail, or traffic or the tunnel.

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