Dumbledore is Gay Shirts are here!

Where’s the comic? Why didn’t I have time to make one? Here’s why:

That’s right! The HijiNKS Ensue Store is open for bid-ness. Expect more shirts coming soon. I worked all last week on these designs so the comic had to be put on hold. Not to fret! Comics will be back on Thursday with scary Halloweenish themes! Do me a favor and Digg the store.

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  1. This is really funny! I know a friend that would love these, but… she doesn’t fit guy sizes. ^^’ But, yeah, fantastic! XD

  2. @Denise
    There was supposed to be a red shirt too but I decided to keep it simple. Plus youre so much smarter than all tose jerks.

  3. Hey. Just came across your post! I'm just letting you know that I work for this great merch company that does really high quality shirt prints and our prices are really cheap. So if you need help getting any of your shirts printed, let me know! I can send you photos of examples or a partial client list or whatever you need. Thanks!

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