1. Well, honestly it's a fair price. Its a commissioned artwork piece that takes 30-60 minutes to complete (more if it's complicated).

    I did some research first and saw similar services going for $25 – $80.

    Out of curiosity, what do you think is a fair price?

  2. being someone who did freelance for a long while before making video games…35 bucks is a pretty fair price as Joel is probably like most artists and lying when he says 30-60 minutes…i imagine he goes over that time cause everything has to be to his satisfaction before handing it over

  3. Fabulous idea there Joel. Now I just have to find a picture suitable for the task. I will definitely be partaking of this service soon. And the price sounds good to me. You pay $25 or more for a caricature artist to do a piss-poor job of it at a convention or fair or something. I'll surely pay $35 to be Fancy Bastardized.

  4. This is pretty cool… it'd make a good gift for a geek too! You don't keep any rights to the avatar do you? Like, is the buyer free to modify the picture however they want, and put it on anything they want? Even if it is for commercial purposes? (I can't think of any commercial purpose now but I'm sure could be one…)

  5. i dunno, cause i live in argentian and my coin is the "peso" and 4 pesos = 1 dollar so i think i vvould pay U$D10. That's a lot of money here.

  6. Nice artwork. Maybe you could offer the opportunity of a Hijinks cameo to each person that buys an avatar as incentive to buy. All you'd have to do is cut and paste the pic onto Josh's body (or corpse as seems to be the trend). It could also act as an incentive for them to buy a print of the comic they cameo in.

    I'd buying one apart from the fact that I have no desire to inflict my face on the intertubes, would you accept another body part?

  7. I think that's a really good idea (about including buyers in the comic). Even if they're just a background character, it would be cool to say, "I was in that comic!" And it would definitely add more incentive for one to buy a print or the book.

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