Where You Lead, I Will Follow

There are multiple truths in this comic. A) I have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls reruns, both on TV and Netflix, lately. The reruns on TV just hit the sweet spot where Lorelai has the inn open and she starts dating Luke and Emily and Richard are separated and Rory starts an affair with Dean and Lain realizes she has feelings for Zach and… it’s a really great show. Great characters, GREAT writing, just really excellent TV. Anyone that tells you different has never loved, been loved or is probably a replicant. And B) I cannot tell you how often I have forgone watching a movie in superior 1080p HD image quality because my Blu-rays were “all the way over there” and Netflix was exactly where my ass was.

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  1. I love Gilmore Girls. I started rewatching the entire series since it arrived on Netflix. My husband mocks me, thanks for this comic. Now he is annoyed that I called him a replicant 😉

  2. Netflix is also great because my DVDs demand, DEMAND, to be changed out every so often to keep watching a TV series. Who has the mental energy to sustain that?

    Whereas Netflix just tells me I have 15 seconds to stop it before it shows me the next episode, and we both laugh, and I never sleep nor go to work ever again and get to binge watch TV series within a week.

    • There was a time when I would insist that all of my media be archived and consumed at the highest quality possible. Then I started to realize that the "highest quality" would always be going higher and higher, and convenience/ease of access was more important given my limited time to exist here on the earth. I ripped all my old CD's in 2000 at 128Bps, which was good at the time, but sucks now. I got every movie I loved on DVD, and then again on BluRay, buy I rarely reach for their boxes if I can just stream it in some fashion. I listen to most of my music in the car anyway, so I learned to temper any quality concerns with "overlay a bunch of road noise and THEN how does it sound?"

      • Funny I come at it from the opposite end. I was always behind technology wise and also prefered quantity over quality. I recorded so many films on the TV in long play not standard play, putting up with the odd video tape wobble for less cassettes. When ripping CDs my HD was so small I ripped at something ridiculous like 56 because I was just using crappy PC speakers. . And when leagally obtaining the occasional Stargate episode back in the days of KaZaA it was the 20-40Mb versions due to my lack of internet capacity.

        I love crisp quality playback but find it really easy to slum in for the sake of capacity and convenience 🙂

        • Downloading movies online did it for me. For movies I really wanted to see I'll wait for the DVD rip, but when it's just "Meh, this sounds like it won't completely suck," then as long as the Russian subtitles don't obscure too much of the screen, the camera doesn't wobble too much, I can mostly make out what's supposed to be happening, and we can hear what they're saying if we crank the volume up enough, I'll put up with it for the sake of ease of entertainment.

          Having said that, if we really can't hear what's being said, or we're mostly looking at the upper left quadrant of someone's head, we won't watch it, but thanks to cameras smuggled into Russian theatres, our standards of what constitutes a watchable level of quality has lowered drastically.

          Also, all my VCR tapes were recorded in extra long play too, because why would I get two hours of space out of it when I could get six? Those things cost like what, three bucks a pop? I wasn't made of money, here! 😀

  3. I love Gilmore Girls. It was one of the best shows I remember watching and I miss it. Witty dialogue, fantastic characterisation, and a good mix of drama and comedy. My favourite was Sookie. I loved how the writers didn't stoop to any jokes about her weight. She was a loyal friend to Lorelai, a fantastic chef (if a little clumsy at times), and she was happy.

    I should watch it again because, seriously, that was a great six seasons of television.

    What? Seven? Sorry, don't know what you're talking about.

    • Sookie was a fantastic character, and if she was ever comic relief it was because of her particular opinions about certain vegetables, or her bubbly enthusiasm. Never her size. She was funny because SHE WAS FUNNY, not because she was fat or a fool.

      The final season, season 6, was great. I just wish it hadn't been cancelled after SIX seasons with no resolution. Oh well. At least we have SIX. GREAT. SEASONS.

  4. I hear you Americans talking about how great Netflix is, meanwhile we Australians are stuck watching Gilmore Girls on DVD like so many cavemen.

  5. I used to wonder if Gilmore Girls was trying to break the world record in the number of words spoken during a single episode……during every episode. Nobody talks that fast…

    • The funny think is the number of script pages per episodes was around 75-85 when a typical hour long drama is about 50.

    • If you think nobody talks that fast you have never been to Minnesota. The agony of breathing outdoors in winter turns everyone into natural auctioneers, and it sticks for the rest of the year out of habit.

  6. You keep posting your wife's jewelry and I keep buying it for my wife. Everyone seems happy in this situation and now I can check off a stocking stuffer from my everlasting list of christmas gifts.

    Also this comic speaks truth.

  7. i just happened to check if a new comic was posted as i'm sitting on the couch binge-watching gilmore girls. perfect.

  8. I like quality, but "over there" is the exact reason I have a decently sized server and watch everything via my WDTV.

  9. This is why I'm glad I never ended up using any streaming services. Once I descend into that abyss, that will be the end of all things. They'll find me six months later dead, in front of an endless loop of cancelled sitcom reruns.

    Just like my dad.

    • When I die, I want to go peacefully watching reruns on Netflix. Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car at the time.

  10. We actually discover a lot of new movies thanks to Netflix + Laziness. It's like the Pandora of movies.

    We're like "Let's watch The Departed. Oh, the DVD is all the way over there? Well, let's see if it's on Netflix. No? Hmm, what else was Leo in…?" and then bam, we're watching Gangs of New York or something, because we were too lazy to go find the DVD.

  11. uh is there a reason i can't touch your comic picture in chrome mobile version and it should advance to the next comic.. pretty much every other webcomic does this. i really hate having to zoom in on the next button for every comic.. i know it's a free comic and i don't have to read yours, but i thought you should know in case it's actually a bug. yeah im new to your comic. kudos to your artistry.

  12. I went and watched some Gilmore Girls because of this strip and you know what!!…..It wasn't bad. lt didn't wow me but, I wasn't turned off either. I'm at episode 4 and wondering if it gets better.

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