Here’s another resurrected and recolored FANEURYSM comic. As I explained here, there are a few FANEURYSM comics that I don’t want to allow to slip into the void of the Internet’s hazy memory, and that fit in nicely with the aesthetic of Sharkzpode. You can see the original version HERE.

Of course all of this changes in Captain America: Civil War in which EACH AND EVERY character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be making an appearance. If the movie is two and a half hours, I bet there’s 40 minutes just taking role call.

Sharksploders: Which lesser know Marvel character deserves their own solo movie and why?

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  1. Hey Joel, I’ve been a fan of your stuff for years but that’s just about the worst drawing of a woman I’ve ever seen. Out of respect for Scarlett Johansson how about giving just that bit another go?

  2. Well, this IS quite true to the comics. Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, She-Hulk…pretty much every hero with a solo book will face tons of threats on their own instead of giving a call to even one of their many, MANY superhero friends.

  3. For a single solo character movie: Madcap. A loonie in a harlequin suit with a near immortal healing factor and a tricked out bubble gun. It’s like a Deadpool x Joker that they have the rights to.

  4. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, and your Black Widow has me chuckling every time I look at her. Just wanted to say thank you!

  5. Hahaha that is the best black widow drawing I’ve ever seen. And by best, I mean nails the marvel contorted style, showing boobs and butt in every shot master what biology or common sense would say.

  6. Thanks for the Classic Repost! Still funny the second time around! Though I have to agree with the first poster about Romanov–boobs and ass aren’t exaggerated NEARLY enough!

  7. Monica Rambeau because she’s awesome and who else is a superhero who works for the freaking coast guard and Kamala Khan because she’s awesome and a precious darling geeklet suerhero.

  8. I say redefine the “solo hero” movie with a series of five movies that tell the story of Nextwave from the perspectives of each of the characters.

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